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Science You Can Use: Racial gaps narrowing in breastfeeding rates

The CDC’s announcement today of its updated breastfeeding statistics by race contained some especially good news for the “breastfeeding gap” between African American mothers and mothers of other races. First, there is good news across the board.  The CDC reports … Continue reading

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Science You Can Use: Milk coming in late puts breastfeeding at risk, says new study. But is there anything you can do to make your milk come in on time?

Did your milk come in late? A new study says that a delay (defined as 72 hours or later postpartum) puts breastfeeding at risk. Specifically, the study from Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, found that a delay in milk coming in … Continue reading

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Was Snooki Boobytrapped at St. Barnabas Hospital?

Yesterday’s People magazine issue reveals that Nicole Polizzi is having trouble breastfeeding.  “At the hospital he was kind of latching on, but we decided to use formula because he wasn’t gaining enough weight.  But I’m pumping and I’m definitely going … Continue reading

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