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Ultimate Healthy Infant Feeding Resource Guide

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All moms deserve to make an informed feeding decision and to reach their personal goals! Whether you choose to breastfeed, pump, use donor milk, formula or combo feed, BEST FOR BABES is cheering you on!

Did You Know

86% of moms would like to breastfeed? Unfortunately, they are struggling to achieve their personal goals because they are being Booby Trapped® — bombarded with myths, misinformation, and a host of other cultural and institutional barriers.

The Good News:

We have pulled together the very best resources, trusted by experts and beloved by moms, to help you succeed. Check out the links below. Want to keep the info handy? Download and print the card!
With the right information, inspiration and support, YOU CAN DO IT! You deserve a happy and healthy feeding experience with your new babe, and we’ve got your back, babe!

Breastfeeding? Like riding a bike, it’s a learned skill.  YOU CAN DO IT!

Get the facts: Get inspired, learn about your mom-made superfood and check out celebrity tips at Best for Babes. Clear up myths, misinformation and concerns at trusted sites, La Leche League (LLL Int’l or LLL USA), Breastfeeding USA, and–don’t rely on surfing the web when it comes to breastfeeding!

Most moms can breastfeed successfully, if they know how to overcome any barriers–the Breastfeeding Booby Traps®. Find out what they are!

SwagImageforResourceGuideAugGet support near you: In-person, mom-to-mom support is key! Try La Leche League (LLL Int’l or LLL USA), Breastfeeding USA, Native Mothering, Black Mothers Breastfeeding Assoc., Breastfeeding ROSE, WIC Moms, or see if a doula, lactation counselor (i.e. a CLC, CLE, CBS, CLS, BC, CLEC), or a lactation consultant (IBCLC through ILCA or USLCA) near you is running a support group.  Find one where you feel accepted and encouraged!  We learn by observing, so watching another mother breastfeed at a support group while you are pregnant gives you a head start.

Get your A-team: Beware of one of the biggest Booby Traps–well-meaning but ill-informed health professionals. Know what to look for in an OB/GYN, pediatrician, and hospital. Learn about the best hospitals–check out Baby-Friendly USA. Know what to look for in a lactation consultant, and when you’ve found a couple you are comfortable with, put their numbers in your phone!

Read inspiring celebrity stories!

Read inspiring celebrity stories!

Get empowered: Read about “The Learning Curve”, Get Your Best Game On, and enroll partners and family in helping you meet your goals, especially in the first few weeks after giving birth! Ask them to help with laundry and meals. Pass on tips for dads. Get inspired and prepared with over 170 images and essential info at Have breastfeeding questions, but can’t find a support group in your area? Call 800-994-9662 or La Leche League USA, 877-4-LALECHE. Remember, you can nurse everywhere you have a right to be. Have you been harassed? Call 855-NIP-Free! Read up on the laws in your state at

Do You Have Questions About:

Milk supply or pain? Get help NOW. Find a board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) through ILCA or USLCA. Don’t drive yourself crazy surfing the web for answers . . . try the Breastfeeding Solutions app.  Did we mention to get help right away?  Do it!  Most breastfeeding issues can be solved by an IBCLC, and the Affordable Care Act requires lactation counseling be covered by insurance as long as you are breastfeeding.

Medications? Many doctors and pharmacists don’t know that many medications are compatible with breastfeeding. See the InfantRisk website, call (806) 352-2519, or use the Mommy Meds app.

Pumping or Going Back to Work? Get our 10 top tips, learn how to talk to your employer, how to maximize pumping and milk storage guidelines. Every mom should learn how to hand express milk! Learn about insurance coverage of breastfeeding supplies. Learn about induced lactation (e.g. in cases of adoption or surrogacy), or relactating.  If you are exclusively pumping, connect with other “EP’ers” and get help from an IBCLC.

Donor milk? Human milk is a life-saver for preemies or sick babies. If mom’s milk is unavailable, get safe milk at a HMBANA milk bank. Got extra milk? Donate to milk bank, or if you are ineligible to donate to HMBANA, connect with and screen other moms through informed milk-sharing networks HM4HB or Eats on Feets. Check out Human Milk News for the latest info.

Using bottles or formula? We’ve got your back with insider info! Learn about skin-to-skin and paced bottle-feeding; cup, tube and finger feeding; and formula prep dos and don’ts.

Nursing Multiples? Yes, many women can make enough milk for twins or more!

NICU Babies? Learn about the BEST practices in the top NICUs.  Get informed and be the best advocate for yourself and your baby.  “Human milk (preferably from mom, but if not, from a HMBANA milk bank) must be viewed as a medical intervention that is just as important as IV nutrition or a ventilator.”  Join the Miracle Milk® Stroll!

Find Your Online Tribe:

Facebook: BestforBabes, LaLecheLeagueUSA, BreastfeedingUSA, BreastfeedinginCombatBoots, DrJackNewman, Native Mothering, BMBFA, BlackWomenDoBreastfeed, TheBadassBreastfeeder, KellyMom, The Boob GeekBreastfeedingROSE, IGT and Low Milk Supply Support Group, NECSociety

Get Involved:

All fired up?  Don’t start something new, join existing efforts and make them STRONGER! Check out US Breastfeeding Committee, the Miracle Milk® Stroll, your State Breastfeeding Coalition, “Live, Love, Latch”, Ban the Bags, MomsRising, Public CitizenUNICEF, ThousandDays, Friends of the WHO CODE or IBFAN, and World Breastfeeding Week . . . all these organizations care about MOMS & BABIES and are taking action through advocates like YOU!

Special thanks to our C.A.R.E.-Code Ally Leading Lady for helping to underwrite the Ultimate Healthy Infant Feeding Resource Card, and to our partners Kellymom, La Leche League USA, Breastfeeding ROSE, and Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association for their invaluable and unending support of moms and babies and for supporting this campaign.