Was Snooki Boobytrapped at St. Barnabas Hospital?

Yesterday’s People magazine issue reveals that Nicole Polizzi is having trouble breastfeeding.  “At the hospital he was kind of latching on, but we decided to use formula because he wasn’t gaining enough weight.  But I’m pumping and I’m definitely going to try again, because now it’s squirting out.”

If you’ve been following Best for Babes and breastfeeding advocacy, you can probably guess what really happened to derail Snooki from breastfeeding (see the contest at the bottom at the post.)  You also know that only 6% of all hospitals in the United States follow the proper protocol for helping breastfeeding mothers.   St. Barnabas Hospital in Livingston, NJ (near the tony surburbs Short Hills and Montclair) is NOT one of those hospitals.   Unfortunately, New Jersey already ranks highest in the country on unnecessary formula supplementation in the hospital, according to the 2012 CDC Report Card released in August . . . a whopping 35% of all NJ babies get formula in the first 2 days, and many are getting it against parental wishes.  We know that unnecessary formula supplementation is one of the leading causes of breastfeeding difficulty by interfering with the latch of the baby and the milk supply of the mother at a very critical juncture, when moms and babies are mastering the breastfeeding skill set.   Boobytrapping a mom in the hospital is like tripping a runner at the beginning of a race; you can still succeed, but you may have a long and painful game of catch up to play first.

If Snooki had given birth in the only designated Baby-Friendly Hospital in New Jersey, South Jersey’s Elmer hospital, she would undoubtedly be breastfeeding successfully now.  [Ed. Note: 84% of Elmer hospital babies are discharged exclusively breastfeeding, compared to 39% of St. Barnabas babies.]  Or, if Snooki had given birth in one of the 27 hospitals that are participating in Mayor Bloomberg’s Latch-on NYC initiative, we bet she would have had a much better experience.  (Perhaps New Jersey, true to Nicole’s “kind of latching” comment, should be called Latch-Off!)

So, dear readers who have been following our Motherlove sponsored series on Hospital Breastfeeding Booby Traps®, what do you think happened to Snooki?  Was she a victim of prenatal and hospital Booby Traps, or were healthcare providers afraid to coach and encourage a celebrity who has expressed being on the fence and even scared about breastfeeding, even though she tweeted that she “loved nursing” her baby shortly after the birth?   Tell us what you think was a likely scenario!   (Please keep your comments focused on the boobytraps, any comments that are excessively judgmental of Nicole Polizzi will be deleted.)

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Two winning comments posted by Wednesday, September 12th at 12 midnight will win the author a gorgeous Best for Babes Miracle Milk™ bracelet: 

1) Winner #1:  The best explanation of how Nicole Polizzi was probably booby-trapped

2)  Winner #2:  The most compelling encouragement to Nicole Polizzi to continue breastfeeding and to achieve her personal goals


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