Welcome to Best for Babes’ one-stop resource for Breastfeeding Activism and Breaking News about the rights of mothers and babies to breastfeed and to achieve their personal breastfeeding goals – whatever those are! Here you’ll find the latest news and information about breastfeeding advocacy campaigns and events, breastfeeding laws, tips for successful activism, and how moms just like YOU can get involved by becoming a BFB Super-Babe and help put an end to the legal, cultural and institutional Breastfeeding Booby Traps®! Breastfeeding is among the most cost-effective and highly-preventive ways to protect the health of moms, babies, the population, even the planet. As such, it’s ALL of our responsibility, whether we breastfed or not, to help moms and babies succeed. Moms and babies deserve cheers, not sneers!

Note: Best for Babes’ advocacy role in the Breastfeeding Cause is to coalesce  powerful resources and advisors around this critical issue and to be a catalyst for societal change.  While we are supportive of many individual and collective efforts to end the suffering, discrimination, sabotage and harassment too many moms endure while trying to breastfeed, BFB’s reporting about any particular activity or news item does not necessarily imply our endorsement.

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Taking on Virginia

[caption id="attachment_18925" align="alignright" width="300"] Delegate Albo with Jill DeLorenzo, her children and Kate Noon testifying in Virginia.[/caption] We are proud to say...

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Lactation Discrimination Recognized by Federal Court

In a victory for breastfeeding mothers, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit unanimously held that "firing a woman because she is lactating or expressing milk...

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Incarcerated Mother Denied Right to Pump; Husband Seeks Donor Milk for Baby

On April 16th, the Best For Babes Nursing In Public Hotline received a plea to help a 23 year old mother and her exclusively breastfeeding 3 month old baby who were forced to separate. According...

Read More.... 8 Comments | Last revised on 04/19/2013

Is Breastfeeding a Legal Right? Civil Right? Or a Social Responsibility?

"What kind of a society raises its children on food that will shorten their lives?" I dug this quote up one day while looking for examples of other public health crises that have benefited...

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Beyond Riddle’s Shaming Comments for Texas Breastfeeding Moms

Last week Texas moms helped tackle a big cultural and legal Booby Trap.   Representative Jessica Farrar sponsored House Bill 1706 -- a law that if passed would give a breastfeeding...

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It Starts with One Positive Voice: Progress with CA Courtroom Breastfeeding Issue

Speaking up for change on any topic can be intimidating. When it comes to normalizing breastfeeding, including advocating for corporate policy change and improving legislation,...

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