The BAM! $1500 Breastfeeding Awareness Month Ultimate Giveaway that Gives Back

Written by Bettina Forbes, CLC

Did you think we were only going to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week?  Of course not!  In many countries around the globe, breasfeeding is celebrated during the whole month of August, and sometimes September too, and other odd weeks here and there.   We say, let’s celebrate them all!  Our Mom-Made Wonderfood is truly worthy of celebration, every day.  Whether it comes straight from the tap, the bottle, or via a human milk bank, its a superpower that fights  diseases in mom and baby, and helps to clean up the planet – all in a single bound.  Even Clark Kent would be jealous.

We’ve seen a lot of breastfeeding companies doing giveaways and promotions this last week—and in tough economic times, a freebie or a discount is a good thing!   But how many of those companies are truly investing in changing our breastfeeding culture and beating the booby traps?   When only 3% of hospitals are designated baby-friendly; when too few doctors are  educated on the basics of lactation management; when women can are still being harrassed, and even abused, for breastfeeding in public; and when ours is one of the only industrialized countries without paid maternity leave—and the list goes on—moms need more than a coupon or some helpful information on a website.  Building the “mother of all causes” takes some serious cash.

That is why we are extremely pleased to present  the “Ultimate Giveaway that Gives Back” that not only celebrates breastfeeding but also showcases some wonderful companies that are going above and beyond to help moms and babies.  Everyone of the sponsors represented in the baskets below is committed to working with Best for Babes to change the breastfeeding landscape for our sisters, our friends, and our daughters, and really for all of us, because when moms are no longer prevented from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals, everyone benefits.   These companies also happen to make some of the best products on the market, because while all you really need to breastfeed is at least one boob and a baby, there are a lot of things that can make breastfeeding more comfortable, appealing and convenient.  After all, if some cute workout gear can motivate you to go to the gym, then certainly a sexy nursing top can boost your confidence, make you feel fabulous, and empower you reach your breastfeeding goal!   We say, whatever works for you, babe!

How to Win: Here’s the special twist on our giveaway. In the spirit of giving back, we are asking you to nominate someone else for the gift basket, someone whom you really think could benefit from this extravaganza:  for example, a mom who really wants  to breastfeeding but can’t afford a top-quality breastpump to go back to work, or for whom babywearing (and the multi-tasking that goes with it) would make a world of difference.   First, leave a comment describing the person you would like to see win basket (1–Expecting Mom) or basket (2–Working Mom) below, and then, make sure you “Like” our facebook page.   At the end of the month, everybody will vote on the nominations, and we will check and make sure that the winner is legit before shipping the gift baskets in beginning of September.   The generous-minded person who nominates the winner will get a lovely gift too–A Belabumbum Lily Sleepwear set (see the Expecting Babe Basket) and a Best for Babes T-shirt!!   Total value of the giveaway is a mind-blowing $1,500 smackeroos.

#1. Ultimate Best for Babes Giveaway Basket for the Expecting Babe

  • My Brest Friend Deluxe Breastfeeding Pillow has a wrap-around design with a silent, quick-release strap, back support and a firm, flat cushion that keeps baby from rolling and promotes the optimum latch; with soft, washable cover.
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Breastfeeding Support Kit includes Milkmaid Tea to support healthy breast milk production, lanolin-free nipple cream to prevent or heal sore, cracked nipples, gel- and toxin-free breast packs ease breasts sore from engorgement or mastitis, and organic, herbal breast compresses provide extra nipple and engorgement care.
  • Evenflo Comfort Select Performance™ Dual Breastpump with autocycling vacuum is newly improved and perfect for occasional pumping; it runs on batteries or can be plugged in for traveling convenience.   Two pumps can used simultaneously for greater efficiency, or leave a spare where you are likely to need it, comes in carry case.
  • Posh Pads are ultra fashionable, reusable, earth-friendly organic cotton and bamboo nursing pads that are so gorgeous, you can use them as coasters when you are done nursing.   In outrageous colors and patterns to suit every bra and boob.
  • Moby Wrap Custom Best for Babes Carrier is made of the softest of cotton fabrics, is extremely comfortable, and is one of the safest baby carriers available today. It distributes weight evenly from parent’s shoulders to hips and aligns baby’s center of gravity as close to the parent’s body as possible.  Svelte black with the signature Best for Babes logo on it!
  • Mother’s Boutique Sweet Embrace Necklace is a gorgeous sterling silver pendant on a leather cord, designed by Judy Masucci, owner of the Mother’s Boutique.   It symbolizes the love between a mother and child and represents a breastfeeding mother or any mother holding and loving her child.
  • Belabumbum Lily Sleepwear Set comes with a robe, cami and pants perfect for snoozing and lounging and feeling fabulous!  Belabumbum believes that women grow more beautiful while expecting and while nursing, so their lingerie confections encourage women to feel pampered, sexy, and hip — during and after pregnancy.
  • Hadley Stilwell Sleeveless Crossover Shirt is ultra-luxe and stylish, perfect for date night or a meeting with the executive committee.  HadleyStilwell designs are meant to be clothes you want to wear – that just happen to accommodate nursing and pumping – and many moms keep them as long-term staples of their wardrobe.  Gift certificate so you can choose the color and size.
  • Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy Book is a stunning coffee table quality book with evocative photos of breastfeeding and parenting combined with clear, expert guidance on how to start and continue a breastfeeding relationship with ease and prevent and solve any problems.
  • Sweet Knee Gift Bag includes an adorable, reusable cloth bag filled with splendidly all-natural  bubbly soap, oatmeal cookie bath, bun glaze for tender tushies, 3.2 oz rubbit oil for massaging or moisturizing, and a 3.75 oz hulababy bar soap.
  • Be Nice Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix allows you to get your essential prenatal vitamins and minerals, in easy to take and carry portions for better nutrient absorption and hydration throughout the day. Doctor approved, it comes in two delicious, naturally sweetened flavors.

#2. Ultimate Best for Babes Giveaway Basket for the Working Babe

  • Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breastpump is a top-of-the-line electric breastpump that is preferred by lactation consultants and doctors and  can be converted for one-handed manual use. Cycles per minute and suction can be adjusted to maximize milk output.  The patented diaphragm ensures no milk or bacteria can enter the tubing or motor, and no contaminants from the pump can enter your collected milk.  Comes with a stylish, sophisticated pebble-grained tailored tote, cooler (holds 6 bottles–included), a car lighter adapter, 3 different sizes breast flanges (with more available), and various pump accessories.
  • Pumpease Bra Supports make pumping at work or home much easier because it allows you to pump hands-free.   The 6″ wide pumping supports feature patent pending, ‘no-stitch’ horn openings, guaranteed to accommodate any breast pump on the market, in a variety of gorgeous prints that allow you to “express” your personal style and fashion sense.
  • Motherlove More Milk Plus capsules contain a special blend of safe and effective herbs designed to quickly increase breast milk for breastfeeding mothers, created by one of the leading companies in the holistic body care industry.   Pure, natural and organic–use under the care of a lactation specialist.   Not for use during pregnancy.
  • Breastpumps and Briefcases Audio CD contains valuable information to ease your transition back to work, including how to maintain your milk supply, how to create a pumping schedule, make arrangements with your employer, and store your milk.   Shari Criso’s reassuring manner and tips for succeeding with breastfeeding have helped thousands of moms achieve their personal breastfeeding goals.
  • Hotslings pouches allow you carry your baby in fabulous style, safety and comfort.   So pretty they can be worn to coordinate with your designer suit for the boardroom if your employer allows babies at work!  Can be exchanged for a size and print you prefer.  Created by one of the leaders in the industry who also actively writes American safety standards for sling-style baby carriers.
  • Mother’s Boutique Sweet Embrace Necklace is a gorgeous sterling silver pendant on a leather cord, designed by Judy Masucci, owner of the Mother’s Boutique.   It symbolizes the love between a mother and child and represents a breastfeeding mother or any mother holding and loving her child.
  • Hadley Stilwell Sleeveless Crossover Shirt is ultra-luxe and stylish, perfect for date night or a meeting with the executive committee.  HadleyStilwell designs are meant to be clothes you want to wear – that just happen to accommodate nursing and pumping – and many moms keep them as long-term staples of their wardrobe.  Gift certificate so you can choose the color and size. 
  • Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy Book is a stunning coffee table quality book with evocative photos of breastfeeding and parenting combined with clear, expert guidance on how to start and continue a breastfeeding relationship with ease and prevent and solve any problems.
  • Sweet Knee Gift Bag includes an adorable, reusable cloth bag filled with deliciously all-natural  bubbly soap, oatmeal cookie bath, bun glaze for tender tushies, 3.2 oz rubbit oil for massaging or moisturizing, and a 3.75 oz hulababy bar soap.

Our deepest gratitude to all these great companies that support moms and babies and Best for Babes with their generous donations!   Leave a comment below nominating a person you would like to see win a  gift basket, and make sure to say  which one: “#1-Expecting” or “#2-Working”  and why, and jump over and Like” our facebook page too!  Thank you for giving back, and for helping us make sure that the gift goes to someone who could genuinely use it and for whom it would make a difference in achieving their personal breastfeeding goals.

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151 Responses to The BAM! $1500 Breastfeeding Awareness Month Ultimate Giveaway that Gives Back

  1. fiona wallen says:

    nominating my sister-in-law jandene for #2
    She has just had her second baby her husband is studying at university and she is supporting their family. She would really like to stay at home with her baby she is committed to breastfeeding and has had abdominal surgery postnatally as well to remove a large cyst. she managed to breastfeed while in hospital after a general anaesthetic. She has trouble letting down to a pump and a double pump would really help her get more milk in a shorter time. They have sold their house in order to fund her husbands uni fee’s and are renting in a suburb that is a long way from her work so she has a really big commute as well. She gets no support from her mother who cant find it in her heart to even say anything nice about her. I live at the opposite end of the country to her and cannot even offer to babysit so that she could sleep after doing night duty. I really feel jandene deserves a break and a medal for doing night duty and breastfeeding she must be so completely exhausted.

  2. Judy M Schneider says:

    Basket # 2 working mom she gave her pump away to hep a friend.
    I would like to nominate my daughter who is due to have her 2nd baby in February 2011. My daughter is a college graduate from Drexel as an architect. She has been working on her hours in her internship to qualify to sit the architecture exam to become an architect with a seal. Well, in April of 2009 she was cut from 5 day & 40 hours to 3 days and about 18 hours. Recently her job has only called her in for and average of 12- 4 hours per week. She has looked and looked for other jobs. She had a serious mid-back injury from a bad motor vehicle accident about a month before giving birth to her son. The accident was totally not her fault. She was hit in the rear when she was correctly stopped to make a left. The driver hit he at 50+ MPH, admitting she did not see her. The women never even got a ticket. The insurance settlement was a very tiny amount but her lawyer advised her that if she went to court she could possible get even less to nothing. So she settled. So she would take a job waiting tables or something physical but she is in constant pain. Physical labor is not something she can do. We live in economically depressed Southern NJ who has economic issue when the rest of the country was booming. For 18 months she has looked and looked for a job. She found it necessary to collect partial unemployment to survive. That will eventually expire. She is waiting to hear about a few jobs. But she is waiting and waiting. She is concerned that once her belly reveals that she is obviously pregnant then no one will hire a “pregger”. No, they will not say that is the reason but companies do not want to some one who is going to take a maternity leave. To become and architect and graduate for Drexel, involved lots of student loans. She is overwhelmed with them looming on the horizon. She keeps deferring payment and only pays the minimal amounts for the moment. Once she starts paying them off, it is like having anther mortgage. With the expectation on earning a full architect salary, paying off them would not be a big issue. We encourage her to choose this field as we consider it a mother friendly occupation because you can have your own firm and/or work from home. Eight years ago when she was choosing her path, the current economic down turn was not expected. She is a great mom. She nursed her son well past his 3rd birthday. Even though breastfeeding and carrying a heavy nursling toddler caused her back pain, she still met his needs. We do all we can to help her out but I am retired and my husband retires in a few years. We have limited resource to help her. She really cannot relocate to another area of the US fro a job as they bought a house 2 years ago and her husband does have a job locally.

    • Melissa Brook says:

      Even if she doesnt win, She’ll be in my prayers. My older brother was a drexel graduate, and we also live in a very economically depressed area of Southern Jersey. My family struggles every day since my husband and I were both laid off this past year. Unemployment just isn’t enough for a family of 4, and we haven’t been able to find jobs.

      My husband enlisted in the Army and will be leaving me with the two babies by myself in January. We’re moving this month as we’re no longer able to afford our house…

      So as you can see your story really touched me on a personal level. I pray she finds work, and the entire area resurges in the next few months. Good luck and God Bless.

      • Judy M Schneider says:

        Thanks. I will pray for your family and situation. I have been a LLL leader for 34 years in August. This new baby will be my 8th grandchild. I should be sleeping now my MIL is having cateract surgery @7AM on 8-26-10 at Elmer Hospital.I am taking her for that tomorrow. I was asleep but I woke up. Stress messes up my sleep. I will try to sleep now.

  3. Ann says:

    I’d like to nominate my best friend for basket #2. She had a beautiful baby girl at 34 weeks, after an emergency c-section. Her baby girl spent 4 weeks in NICU, and my friend dropped everything to be there for as many feedings as possible, as well as pumping at home. Baby girl had too weak of a latch, so my friend pumped, and pumped and pumped. And also tried to nurse. Once she brought her little girl home, she would nurse for 45 minutes, feed her a bottle for 20-30 minutes, and then pump for 30 minutes- that’s nearly 2 hours before we consider burping, changing, rocking or taking care of herself. Oh yes, and since baby girl was premature, she was on a strict schedule. At 8 weeks postpartum, she headed back to work- after only 4 weeks of having baby at home. Baby girl has had a lot of food allergies, and its been tough to decipher them. My best friend has cut out wheat, soy, lactose, dairy, gluten, most fruits- everything! I swear she lived on water and quinoa for weeks. She has remained SO committed to breastmilk for her daughter that she pumps on the train in to work, still gets up several times a night, and she still struggles with baby girl’s latch. Yet she continues. I’m just in awe of how much work and how dedicated she is to giving her daughter breastmilk, in spite of everything around seeming to work against her. The food allergies, her commute, the weak latch of a premature baby… yet they thrive, and she persists. And they comfort nurse and pump some more. She’s truly an inspiration for anyone struggling with breastfeeding, and I can’t wait to hear what happens next in their journey.

  4. Lolita Cress says:

    I would like to nominate my daughter Lara for Basket #2. She is a working mother of a 10 month old daughter. She pumps while at work but has had no luck finding a decent breast pump. With the new baby and a house payment to contend with she’s had to settle for what she could find on the cheap. This would be a great present for her and the little one if she were to win this package!

  5. Star says:

    I want to nominate my friend Gwen for the first basket.

    Gwen is amazing. She has two gorgeous little girls and is expecting a third after a very traumatic year which included a very, very late miscarriage. This pregnancy is going really, really well, though!

    Gwen has never breastfed before. She never had the support with her first two. She’s very adamant about doing it this time, and she’s preparing herself as much as she can to avoid common booby traps. She also has a network of great friends around her to help out!

    I really think the expecting mom basket could help her to attain her goal of nursing this baby. Thanks for your consideration!

  6. Star says:

    I want to nominate my friend Summer for basket #1.

    Summer is 30 weeks pregnant with her second child.

    Summer is one of those people who would do anything to help anyone. She’s full of sunshine and rainbows and literally brightens the lives of everyone around her. I am firmly convinced that if I needed a kidney and Summer matched, she’d give me one without any of the selfish thoughts that usually pop up for most people.

    She’s also a big lactivist. In fact, today, she put herself into contractions by getting hugely angry because someone wouldn’t let their wife breastfeed past 3 months, and she nursed her first kid until she self weaned at 18 months.

    A generous, wonderful spirit like Summer deserves an amazing gift like this!

  7. Jennifer Mirsky says:

    I would like to nominate my best friend, Christina for basket #2. She’s the Mother of my future stepdaughter(“bonus” daughter) and “bonus” Mom to my children. She has been such a blessing in my life! Over the last 5 years, we have become very close. We talk about everything, and when I became pregnant with our son, she was unconditionally supportive through a stressful pregnancy. After our son was born(which she was there to help with my 2 other children and her daughter), not only did she cook breakfast afterward, but she took all of the older kids back to her house for the day so my fiance and I could snuggle up with our new babe and sleep! She has been such a support through many struggles for us…she has become the sister I’ve frequently wished for. Who would have thought I could have such a treasure in my fiance’s ex? I really could go on and on with tons more examples of how wonderful she is! And now, after over a year of TTC, she is finally pregnant!! She had many struggles with breastfeeding the first time around(it fell apart shortly after she returned to work, last straw 🙁 ), and I have vowed to help support her any way she needs. She will need to go back to work, and I think this basket would be a huge help to keep her on the right track! I love her so much and really want her to know the joy a long term breastfeeding relationship can be, and what better way to start giving back to a woman with such a big heart! Thanks and good luck to all the entries…it seems it will be a tough decision!

  8. Lucy says:

    I would like to nominate my friend Kristen for basket #2. She just had her second child and will be returning to work soon. She nursed her first child but eventually had to supplement with formula due to a supply drop. I have heard great things about the ameda pump, so maybe that would help produce more milk and allow her to breastfed for longer this time.

  9. Rachel says:

    I’d like to nominate my sister-in-law. She will be going back to work soon, and though she’ll be able to take her son with her, I think that this gift kit would really help her!
    Thanks for all you do!!

  10. I would love to nominate my sister-in-law for basket # 1. She will be expecting her first child in January and couldn’t be happier. She comes from a family of 11 and starting up her own family has been quite the journey so far.

    Camilla is such a fun, bright,and bubbly spirit who would do anything for anyone no questions asked. She has helped me through some struggles of my own.

    She is currently living out of state and far from all her family support system having this basket would help her out a lot because as we all know if we don’t have the right support and equipment we don’t last very long with breastfeeding and what a shame that is.

    I just had a child who is now 4 months old and I couldn’t imagine not breastfeeding her even though my milk supply is going down. Its such a great bonding experience.

    Good luck to all entries

  11. David Salcido says:

    I would love to nominate my wife for basket number 1.

    We are a new family and parenthood has had its challenges along with amazing achievements we never though we’d get to feel and experience until Isabella came into our lives.

    I think the hardest thing for me being a first time dad is do be leaving my wife and beautiful daughter for the next 6+ months while being deployed.

    My wife has struggled a lot with breastfeeding but, hasn’t given up yet and hope she can last as long as possible with it since its not only great for Isabella but, also great for my wife in helping the bond between mother and daughter grow even further than it already is.

    There are so many things in basket 1 that would be so beneficial to my wife in helping her keep up with breastfeeding. This would be a great boost and support for her while I’m gone.

    My wife is so warm, kind, and so generous that this basket would just be a godsend for our daughter and her.

    Thank you so much and good luck to all who have entry your stories about your nominees are so touching.

  12. Gwen says:

    I would like to nominate my friend Star for basket number 2. She has a 3 year old daughter who was breastfed (sorry love I don’t know exactly how long) and now a 3 month old daughter who also is exclusively breastfed. She works as a breastfeeding peer counselor in her home state of Missouri Thankfully, for now, she is allowed to bring her infant along. She also recently had a guest post entitled “The Joys of Nursing in Public” featured on the site which was also reposted via

    She’s an amazing friend and person whom is willing to share her learned knowledge with everyone and best of all, never judge. I will look to her for support when I have my third daughter in January which will be the first of whom I breastfeed. She deserves more than I can offer and that’s why I believe she’s the perfect candidate for the working Mom basket, even if I fully expect her to sharing it while further helping the cause of evolving mankind to a state where breastfeeding is widely accepted again.

  13. June says:

    I would like to nominate my friend Tabitha. She has 4 kids, 2 of which are currently breastfeeding at 40 and 4 months. She works full time as a teacher. She is an administrator in the group Breastfeeding Working Moms on CafeMom and a great help to me in running the group. She is also a CafeMom moderator for the breastfeeding group. She is the sole provider for her family as her husband is a stay at home dad. She also donates milk to a local mom in need.

  14. Emilee says:

    my friend Melanie, #1 Expecting….she did not nurse her son but has decided that after seeing myself and several other mamas in our playgroup show her how easy it is to breastfeed she is willing to give it a go this time around. She even wants to try for a natural birth. I’m ecstatic that she wants to at least TRY…But I KNOW that once she starts she’ll see how great it can be. Plus I think if SHE can do it, she can encourage so many other mamas!

    Good luck Melanie! 🙂

  15. Sara says:

    I want to nominate my wonderful sister-in-law, Marlon, for the 1st package. She was one of my biggest cheerleaders when my son was born 8 months ago and I started breastfeeding, and has always been so encouraging and supportive of me as I’ve been on my breastfeeding journey- and now that she’s expecting her first baby I want to do the same for her. I’m so proud of the fact that she plans on breastfeeding- despite the fact she had a breast reduction surgery several years ago, she’s already started taking the necessary steps to ensure she can breastfeed and being a great advocate for herself and her baby to be- fighting to get her surgical records and information from her surgeon about the techniques that he used, and is being so proactive and educating herself as much as she can about breastfeeding after reduction. I know she’s going to have to work hard to make sure she has enough of a supply to feed her baby, and I know she’ll do everything she can to make it work. I want her to have a nice treat to help her get ready for the next few months!!!

  16. Jessica says:

    I’m nominating a good friend of mine for basket number 1, the expecting mom basket. She’s 23 years old, and found out she was unexpectedly expecting. She tried to get a job, but has not had any luck. The first one fired her once they found out she was pregnant, obviously they stated a different reason, but that was the cause. The second place brought her in for a training after hiring her, and then, when she told them she was pregnant, told her that she couldn’t do the job and they would have to let her go, due to it being strenuous. They didn’t even offer her a job she COULD do, even though they had HIRED her! She’s down to the double digits, and has only 90 days to go until she has her baby. The father has recently decided he wants nothing to do with either her or the child, which is terrible and so sad. Her mother has told her that she can not live at home once the baby is born. She has no job, not a lot of money saved up, and the father is not in the picture. She’ll have basically no where to live if her mother keeps her word (which trust me, she’s the kind of person to do that, even to her own daughter! She disowned another daughter, with two of her grandkids. She told my mother “I have other grandbabies, I’m not missing out on them.” It’s awful!) Most everything that she has received for the upcoming baby has been hand-me downs, which isn’t a bad thing, she’s been lucky to have the help, but it would definitely make her so excited to have something new for the baby. I know she wants to breastfeed, but can’t afford a pump, and breastfeeding is hard! It’s her first child, so she’ll need the extra OOMPH to help her out!

  17. Jessica says:

    I’m nominating one of my best friends Cali for basket number 2, the working mom. She SOOOO deserves this! She’s such a great mom to both her kids, and sooooooo knowledgeable when it comes to breastfeeding! She has helped me out TREMENDOUSLY when it came to breastfeeding my now 4 month old son. Every time I have had milk supply issues, latch issues, any issues, she has been there with the answers. She currently works about 2 days a week, but wants to work more, because, as is the case for a lot of families, money is pretty tight. This would most definitely help her out, especially the hands-free bra and pump! She’s always saying she wished she could pump hands free, and even cut up an old sports-bra to try and make a make-shift hands free bra, because she can’t splurge and get a real one. The pump would be awesome for her too, as would the carrier! Her daughter loves to be close, and is very needy for her mommy (who can blame her though? [: ). It would help her get so much more done when she’s at home, and the pump and hands-free bra would help her to get stuff done while pumping to store milk so that she can go back to work. If you knew this woman, you would want to nominate her too. She’s so caring, and such a loving mother.

  18. sona smith says:

    I nominate my best friend. She is a working mom and a mom to be. Here’s a little background. Weve been friends since high school, we met on the first day of our freshman year. We were really close for 4 yrs, then went our seperate ways for college. She has been through a lot in her life, was raised by her gma who died from cancer right before she went away to college. She still went, she had some health problems and had to get a blood transfusion but still she excelled, and then the year before she graduated her college was destryed by hurricane katrina, she evacuated was displaced- but returned with more strength, grace, and beauty than she had before. She graduated on time ,and return home with no true place to call home since her gma had passed. She moved in with an aunt who she wasnt that close to. This aunt had a daughter who was 23 with 4 kids. Well this is where the mommy hood begins.

    My friend helped her take care of those kids like they were her own. So a few years later this cousin hid a fifth pregnancy from everyone. I went 3 days without speakin to my bff which was odd because she lived right around the corner from me. I called her, and she said “Sona I have a baby” i was floored, because as her bff I knew she was a virgin. I asked what she meant and she said that she went to visit her cousin and she had a baby who was A few days old, her cousin couldnt care for him, so was going to give him up for adoption. My friend held him once, fell in love, and said “ill take care of him” he is about to be 3 now and she has been a full time mommy to this beautifuk baby boy. When he was younger she would mention how she wished she could breastfeed him, she even got some harsh comments from mothers who saw her giving him formula. She has giving this beautiful little one a home, and more love than you can ever imagine. She had never cared for a newborn. But she said something just felt right. She didnt have 9months to prepare like most of us, she jumped right in and threw herself a babyshower to introduce him to her closest friends.

    She is currently 23 weeks pregnant with her first biological child, and is really excited about breast feeding. She is a single mommy and works very hard to care for herself, her unborn child, and her beautiful blessing- she makes just enough to get by, but not too much to recieve any state aid. She could really use some breastfeeding support and these gifts will be the perfect gift to jumpstart her breastfeeding journey.

  19. I would like to nominate my best and the oldest friend Didem, whom very recently moved to Denver, for basket #1. She is from Turkey, living close to her sister-in-law while her husband went to a oversea duty of US Army. So she’s not totally but alone, very far from us, waiting for her fisrt son anxiously. I’m trying to advice her as I have two sons but a well thought total pack would be very helpful and cheering for her, before her due in December.

  20. Zak says:

    I nominate my very best friend Amanda for Basket #2-Working Mom. She is due at the end of this year with her first baby. The Ameda pump would be such a big help when she goes back to work full time soon after the baby is born. Amanda takes pregnancy very seriously and her baby is very lucky to have such a fabulous mother.

  21. Hope Craig says:

    I would like to nominate my best friend Kelli for basket #1. She is the most amazing and giving mama I’ve ever known. She’s been through more in her lifetime than anyone should. She was in a torturous marriage with a tyrant that abused her in everyway someone can be abused(thankfully she is not in that marriage anymore). Her older daughter is disabled, but of course she only sees her as a blessing in every way. I look at Kelli,..doing all that she does (and HAPPILY!) in amazement really. If it were me I would be balled up in a corner, but she is a strong and determined person. She’s always putting everyone elses needs in front of her own. I’m not sure she would buy all these things for herself because she would think about how her kids need this or that. She really needs them though, so I hope that you choose her to win. Thank you 🙂

  22. Naomi says:

    I nominate my freind Becky who is due with her first in the next few weeks. She is kind and lovely and gives us lovely eggs rom her chickens. Her husband is a firefighter and is generally a great karma loving woman! Number 1!

  23. Crystal says:

    I’d like to nominate my friend Brooke for basket 1. She just had her baby boy after fighting HG and staving off preterm labour for 6 weeks. She had him at 36 weeks after 24+ hrs of labour. She laboured naturally until 24 hrs, when he was born he nursed like a pro. His temp dropped so they took him to nicu. She only held him to nurse him twice. Since he was on a 3 hr nicu schedule his sugars dropped. They gave him formula which he tried to refuse, they got some in him, he promptly vomitted it up so they IV’ed him. Meanwhile Brooke bought a pump pumped 8 cc, followed another 6, but she used the pump incorrectly & caused a blister. She’s still at it, aiming for saturday when they’ll be discharged & she can throw out his paci (given without her permission) and get him fully on breastmilk. She is amazing, strong & determined. This is her first baby and she is shooting from the hip and she’s had no bonding time. She has no breastfeeding role models except friends like me. She’s had a rough go & deserves a break. I hope she wins!

  24. Jessie says:

    I am nominating one of my best friends, Laurie, for basket #1. She is expecting a baby at the beginning of September. She is a first time mom and is excited about breastfeeding, however, she is very vulnerable to all of the cultural influences that could get breastfeeding off to a bad start. She is planning on breastfeeding, but I know that her baby is at a higher risk for a dominant inherited disease called spherocytosis. This is where the baby’s red blood cells are shaped like spheres and the spleen does not recognize them so it breaks them down. This will lead to increased jaundice in a newborn. Anyone who knows how the medical community reacts can see how professionals will be tempted to encourage bottle feeding and formula feeding whereas breastfeeding will still be best. My friend and all 3 of her siblings had this disorder as children until they were at least 5 years old and their spleens could be removed. I mentioned to her that if the hospital suggests supplementing if her baby is excessively jaundiced, ensure that they do not use bottles, but rather cups or syringes and her response is “Well, isn’t that the hospital’s decision?” So, I am really trying to arm her with good information about breastfeeding so that she can be the best advocate possible. She also plans on going back to work after 4 months and the pump in this basket will be extremely helpful. She is currently looking at used pumps on Craigslist that should technically be single-user pumps. I know that this basket will really help encourage her with breastfeeding and help give her confidence and resources that she needs to exclusively breastfeed.

  25. Tamara says:

    I would like to nominate my sister for basket number one. She is pregnant with twins. She failed breast feeding her first daughter due to her prematurity and not having nor being able to afford a breast pump. She is a having a her first son and her second daughter at the end of November or early December (if she lasts that long). She is due Jan. 16, 2011 and this would really help her be successful breastfeeding her twins.

  26. Erin says:

    I would like to nominate Tiffany Wibbing for #1. She is expecting her second child. She is asst director for CASA, which represents fosters kids. Everyday she is helping save the lives of children in our community. She sees horrible things and tries to make a difference. Everyday she sits through hours of court supporting the children who are going through the system. This is not a high paying job, but she makes a huge difference in the lives of many and has helped many in the five years she has been doing this thankless job.

  27. james says:

    Happy to nominate my lovely wife Jennifer Smith for “working mom”. Funny that right as I started writing this, Jen called my phone just to talk and ask my opinions; said she was thinking about religions and religious tolerance. Somehow she has time, while out shopping some good deals with our almost 5 mo daughter, to also be a great friend to her husband. But the reason I am nominating her is that she exclusivley breastfeeds our adorable little daughter while working as a nurse (12 hour shifts and sometimes longer if on call) and while taking care of our 2yo son. She has to eat meals while pumping, and believe it or not, the hospital does not have a room for breastfeeding mothers to pump on their breaks. She would love the basket and I think it would help her to carry on breastfeeding – which she really wants to do, but as working mothers know it is so hard to keep going. Thank you for offering these prizes.

  28. Meghan Floirendo says:

    I’d like to nominate my best friend Jess for basket 2. She is a mom who is in the United States Marine Corps and she just had her baby two weeks ago. She is an amazing friend who is struggling with the reality that her and her husband (who is also in the USMC) will be on opposite shifts every two months. She is relying on friends for support since her family isn’t close by but she doesn’t have many friends who have babies. Jess really is such an amazing friend, she has such a bright personality and a great sense of humor! This would be the perfect “you’ve got motherhood down” gift to help lift her spirits!

  29. Alyssa says:

    I nominate my lovely aunt Erlinda Palines for #1, who is expecting her first child (little girl) in mid Sept. When I had my second child, I had a lot of difficulty breastfeeding her. Erlinda was there to help and support me all the way even though I wanted to quit. I’m happy to say that I didn’t, but couldn’t done it without her. She is one of the strongest supporters of breastfeeding that I know. I think she really deserves to win!

  30. Runsslow says:

    I would like to nominate my daughter A1C Brittainy Barnes for “working mom”. She is currently serving in the Air Force and is stationed at McChord AFB. She just had her first baby, and has really tried to do everything by the book when it comes to breastfeeding. I’m really proud of her and her efforts. She really worked hard on her stash of breast milk, for her eventual return to work. When she did go back, she found herself having to pump in a small bathroom off the break room. Working mostly with men, she was given a hard time about the funny noise coming from the bathroom. She tried to keep a positive attitude about it all, stating, “These are working breasts, their not just for show anymore”. I know Brittainy would really appreciate and use all the items in the basket. She is also juggling the need to take off the baby weight, but keep her calorie intake enough to keep her milk production up. It’s not easy, but she seems to be doing her best to manage everything. Thanks for listening. ~Proud Mom and Nana.

  31. I’d like to nominate one of my dearest friends, Urmi for the first basket. Her newest addition is 10 days old and she’s gotten a good start on breast feeding. She didn’t have a great support system with her first child and stopped breastfeeding fairly early. I’d love to see her continue breastfeeeding as long as possible with her second.

    Thank you for this great opportunity!

  32. Brandy M. says:

    I want to nominate my cousin Jessica N. for the working mom basket. She is nursing her first time mom and pumping exclusively due to a few different issues. She works, spendings time with family and is doing an amazing job raising our new baby cousin Nate. Being a first time mom and a wonderful wife has proven to be an amazing feat that she is ROCKING!

  33. Stephanie says:

    I would like to nominate my sister for gift basket #1. She is just a wonderful women expecting #4 in March. If it werent for her I woudnt be such a bf cheerleader. She is just a great person and a great mom! Sorry no specific story….the page isnt long enough for all of her great stories 🙂

  34. Melissa says:

    Hello, I’d like to nominate a friend, Laurinda, for basket #1. Laurinda holds a special place in my heart. Laurinda has long supported other expectant and nursing moms but over the last few years has needed some support herself. Her second baby, Rowan, died after suffering a cord injury at birth. Laurinda called on me as an IBCLC to help her cope with and deal with her milk supply after her loss. Through her grieving Laurinda managed to donate hundred of ounces of milk to other babies in need and also establish a project that helps educate and donate to families after the loss of an infant. Recently, Laurinda welcomed her third child, Willow, into the world. It was so joyous to see Willow be surrounded by love and affection, her big brother, Griffin, was delighted! Willow had her own set of nursing issues, including tongue tie that we helped her work through. Now, Laurinda and her nursling are doing fine but I commend her for all she has been through. She is constantly giving to others and could use a little mama pampering herself. I hope you’ll help me in voting for a deserving mom, Laurinda!

  35. Kendra Wilson says:

    I would like to nominate one of my very good friends Kendra Wilson for Basket number 1. She is Due September 14th and this is her first child, she is determined to breast pump even with all the negativity that surrounds her. She is caucasion and the father of the baby is African American, his entire side of the family gives her such a hard time about breastfeeding and feel that Kendra would be better off to give the newborn formula. Kendra tries her very hardest to not let them get in the way of her decision, but with raging hormones and the nervousness of having her first child, she hasn’t purchased a breast pump yet, and I feel once the baby comes, she won’t have the support she needs from her fiance’s family to go out and purchase one. Kendra has no family around where she lives, they all live out of state, it is basically her against him and his entire family. I would love nothing more then for Kendra to prove his family wrong and do whats right for the newborn baby girl.

  36. I would like to nominate my older sister, Liz for basket #1 – Expecting. She is due in the beginning of October. Her first go at breastfeeding was over 16 years ago and she had a rough time. This time around, she is determined to be successful and prepared. She has done quite a bit of reading and will soon be attending a breastfeeding class.

    As a Mother who has breastfed two children for 24 months each and currently nursing (18 months), I am well aware of how much difference a support system and breastfeeding products can be when fighting booby traps.

    I think that the products in basket #1 would go a long way in helping my sister have a wonderful breastfeeding experience.

  37. Elisha Hall says:

    I nominate my lovely fiance for the working mom gift basket. She worked so hard during pregnancy to make decisions and prepare herself for labor, delivery, and breastfeeding. We ended up with a traumatizing birth experience, she had to deliver via emergency c section under general anathesia. This was the farthest from our birth plans, wishes, and values. Though misguided by the doctor who told her not to BF until 1 day after the surgery, she established a a healthy breastfeeding start that helped set the tone for her exclusively breastfeeding our daughter for 7months.

    She developed mastitis in the 2 week of breastfeeding and has had problems with having such an active flow since then. She works full time, and has to pump 5+ times a day to relieve engorgment, store milk for baby, and to empty breasts a little before nursing so our daughter won’t ‘DROWN’.

    We were using a handme down pump, that the motor gave out about 2 months ago, she has been hand expressing, and using a hand held pump since then. Which is difficult and time consuming considering the amount of times she has to pump per day to avoid clogged ducts, the problem is we just can’t afford a pump right now.

    Despite the challenges she has been a huge advocate and supporter of breastfeeding, and has helped 3 people in our family and friend circles to overcome their breastfeeding challenges, please help her to overcome her challenge.

  38. I would like to nominate my friend, Tabby for gift basket #2 – Working Babe.

    Tabby is a wonderful example of a Mother who works hard to ensure her baby has the best she can give. She is a single mom, who works tirelessly at a full time job. Her daughter (Abby) is five months old and has been lucky to have only breastmilk, without support from Abby’s Father.

    Tabby does need extra support and I think the gift basket would be a tremendous help in making breastfeeding easier for her.

  39. Stacey says:

    I would like to nominate my Friend Sue for Basket number 2, she is due to have her third child in April. Her first to children she tried to breastfeed but had so much negativity and fell into all the common booby traps and was not able to do so. She is determined to breastfeed this time around. I would love to see her win this basket in support of this, she is such a good soul and would be very deverving of this gift.

  40. Amanda Tarpening says:

    If it’s not too late to enter, I would like to enter my friend Janette Fetter for basket # 2, the working mama basket. She is due to give birth to a baby boy in the end of October, and it won’t be long before she will have to return to her work as a vet tech which means longer hours than she would like away from her new baby. This basket would be amazing for her in providing that much more support for her breast feeding endeavors. Thank you so much!

  41. i got pregnant a couple of months ago and right now i am choosing the right kind of maternity clothes that is comfortable ;.,

  42. Janice Szulist says:

    I am nominating my daughter Heather. She is a full time oncology nurse and mom to a beautiful 18month old boy. She is due in about a month with her second child! Her heart was set on breastfeeding her first child but the hospital had other ideas. They supplemented my grandson twice against her wishes, they only had one lactation specialist on staff at the hospital for more than 50 new moms. She couldn’t get the baby to latch from the get go and when the lactation consultant came in to see her after 36 hours, she told my daughter to use a nipple shield and never came back again. Once home my daughter didn’t know that the nipple shield should be used short term, the baby wouldn’t latch without it and eventually milk supply dwindled. My daughter was so frustrated and so was the baby she tried to find help with outside sources but nothing seemed to work. She was determined to give her son breastmilk so she pumped for the first 6 months of his life and bottle fed until her milk dried up. She has her heart set on breastfeeding this new baby and has been spending hours researching and trying to figure out how to avoid the traps that she ran into last time. This basket would be a dream come true for her because it would help her stay motivated and honestly she deserves it! She works so hard at being an amazing mother and works hard every day to keep the spirits up of the patients that she cares for with cancer. Please choose her…I am sure she would even be willing to allow you to follow her breast feeding journey, she is a strong advocate on breastfeeding and tells everyone breast is best!

  43. Emily sarria says:

    Gift basket #2. I would like to nominate my sister. She is such a wonderful mom and breast feeding is so important to her. She stays at home with my sweet nephew so that was he is able to breast feed.

  44. Cody says:

    I’m nominating my girlfriend. We have a 4 month old son together. Only 6 weeks of giving birth, emergency c-section after 4 days of labor, she was already back to work. Now she works all day and comes home to only get a couple hours with our son before he goes to bed. Then we do dinner and its time for bed already. She’s always stressed at work and with our presonal lives. She deserves a break, she deserves this. Basket #2 for Becky!!!

  45. Monica Confer says:

    Nominating my sister Theresa Standish. Theresa was a military police officer for five years and is now a stay at home mom. She had stored over 3000 ounces of breast milk when her husband accidently unplugged their deep freezer when plugging in power tools. She was renting a hospital grade pump when her son was in the NICU in the early months. She lost all of the milk because of this and is returning to work in the fall. She works with autistic high school students. She has a nurture III breast pump that is really terrible quality, she deserves a fresh start.

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