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Volunteer with Best for Babes

Volunteer Program 

Got a few minutes or a few hours to spare each week? We would love to have your support! Shifting cultural attitudes and eliminating deeply-entrenched institutional barriers is a huge job and is going to take legions of us banding together!

Our volunteers are the heart and soul of BFB.  Most of us, including the co founders — are giving our all into the wee hours as a labor of love.

We currently are looking for amazing people to fill these positions: 

Assistant to the CEO of Best for BabesBe at the exciting hub of the Mother of All Causes while making a positive impact on women’s and children’s health. Detail-oriented volunteer needed for max 5-10 hr/wk to keep the gears connected and moving smoothly for a busy CEO. Ideal background: administrative, writing skills, database/recordkeeping.  Work directly with CEO. Contact to discuss. 

Director, Best for Babes C.A.R.E. –Code Alliance Program and member, Board of Directors: Want to use your skills to help put positive pressure on businesses to make the 360 degree world around moms and babies more breastfeeding friendly?  Volunteer needed max 5-10 hr/wk to direct the C.A.R.E.-Code Alliance — the first-ever consumer seal program to recognize, reward, and market businesses that protect healthy infant feeding to moms and the media.   Ideal background: non-profit corporate development/ sponsorship, fundraising, and/or event planning. Job title: Director, Best for Babes C.A.R.E. –Code Alliance. Contact to discuss.

Administrator, Best for Babes C.A.R.E.-Code Alliance Program: Want to be part of a groundbreaking program to make the 360 degree world around moms and babies more breastfeeding friendly?  Volunteer needed max 5 hr/wk. Ideal background: detail-oriented person with experience in database work and spreadsheets.  Job title: Administrator, Best for Babes’ C.A.R.E. –Code Alliance. Contact to discuss.

Nursing Harassment Hotline/Ambassadors for Change: Our nonprofit is building an army whose mission it is to end the harassment and discrimination moms and babies face for breastfeeding in public and at work.  Our Harassment Hotline Project has handled over 450 calls from moms since it opened in 2012 and needs volunteers for the following jobs:

  • grantwriter
  • Caller Response Team
  • bloggers to report on select cases and quarterly summaries for the BFB blog

If you are interested in volunteering to support our Hotline, and our corporate and legislative action efforts, contact  

Don’t see a role outlined above that suits you, but still want to pitch in? Contact us!  We need you!  Raise your hand by emailing  

We wouldn’t be BFB if we didn’t throw in some extra glam garb and swag for those we love!

  • Up to 20 hours of service within three months:  BFB-branded tee shirt. Volunteer’s choice from our store.
  • 21-40 hours of service within three months:  Melinda G for BFB Nursing Cami.
  • Over 40 hours of service within three months: BFB-branded Cell Phone Case– the ultimate solidarity symbol and THANK YOU for Nursing in Public sign – just flash it!

Melinda G logo MG2 as .gif  from Nos   2012 8 15A very, very special thanks to our C.A.R.E.-Code Ally MelindaG for sponsoring the BFB Volunteer Program!