Science News

FAST FACTS: Miracle Milk™

By Danielle and Bettina
In the context of thousands of years of human existence, human milk is ordinary like just like blood or eyes are ordinary.   It is only when human milk is absent, however, that it...

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Celeb News

Will Kailyn Lowry Become a Breastfeeding Counselor?

By Danielle and Bettina
If you follow Kailyn Lowry on Twitter or Instagram, you know that she is proud to be breastfeeding!  Kailyn Lowry nursing baby Lincoln while being embraced by proud husband Javi...

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Free Breastfeeding Products Benefit Best for Babes!

By Danielle and Bettina
Free Nursing Pillow! Use code B4BNP at checkout at FREE Nursing Pillows, covers, and breastpads?  What a deal!  We just have to give a special shout out to...

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Booby Traps

NIP Free image

July 4th: Baseball, Barbecue, Breastfeeding?

By Danielle and Bettina
Breastfeeding should be as American as apple pie, but it's not . . . yet. There's been great progress over the last few years, but it's not enough. While the issue of nursing in public...

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Worst Walmart Nursing Harassment Incident Ever! Attend Jacksonville Nurse-in TODAY 2:00 pm

By Tori LaChapelle Sproat
When a Walmart employee forces a covered, nursing mother to move from the bathroom to a toilet stall, we know America has hit a new low in nursing harassment. Exactly that happened...

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Support 360

We’ve Got Your Back, Babe! 2014: Get Fit to Help Beat the Prenatal Booby Traps®!

By Danielle and Bettina
Prenatal #boobytraps make #breastfeeding too hard for millions of moms. Let's fix this! Click to join or donate!! Who’s ready to get their sweat on for the love of moms and babies? The Annual We’ve...

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