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BFB Signature Phone Case

NEW! The perfect holiday gift!  The BFB-branded phone case is the ultimate expression of solidarity & support for The Cause that's closest to your or someone you know's heart (and under our noses - the foundation of health and the Mother of All Causes!)   Flaunt it - it's part of a growing movement to change our culture and put an end to the Booby Traps!  Flash it -- our rhubarb ribbon lets other nursing moms know that Best for Babes has her back-- it's universal shorthand for "Thank You for Breastfeeding, We're Cheering You On, Babe!" (Click HERE to purchase our Nursing in Public Thank You cards).

Purchase this case to help BFB in our quest to grow this Cause & get the public behind breastfeeding! 

Available in a variety of materials for most phone cases - -Click Purchase button below to get started creating your custom case.


Big thanks to ZZ Print for donating a significant portion of every purchase back to BFB. zzPrint Logo small (2)


Price: $24.95

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