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Booby Traps Series: Exclusively pumping moms face unique Booby Traps

We’re very pleased to share a guest post by Stephanie Casemore, author of Exclusively Pumping Breast Milk (just released in a second edition) and Breastfeeding Take Two:  Successful Breastfeeding the Second Time Around. I asked Stephanie to identify the Booby … Continue reading

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Science You Can Use: Study says the act of breastfeeding, not the milk, is what protects against obesity.

When it comes to obesity and breastfeeding, here’s what we know:  Not breastfeeding increases the risk of childhood obesity (a 32% excess risk, according to the Surgeon General). And here’s what we don’t know:  Why and how?  Is it something … Continue reading

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The Babe’s Guide to Bottle Feeding

Unlike breastfeeding, we’ve all seen bottle feeding, and we all know how to do it. We’ve been surrounded by it growing up. If someone handed you a baby and a bottle you would know what to do right? Of course … Continue reading

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Reasonable Break Time for Nursing Mothers

As most of you have probably heard by now, the new federal healthcare legislation (The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) includes a provision creating new baseline protections for working and pumping moms.  Since there is still a great deal … Continue reading

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