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It’s Not Just About Breastfeeding

This Mother’s Day post is dedicated to the millions of moms who don’t or can’t breastfeed.  I am now one of them since breast cancer took my breasts, at age 37.  It’s for all of the moms who decide not to breastfeed, … Continue reading

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Booby Traps Series: Why the newborn bath should wait

This is the 32nd in a series on the Booby Traps, made possible by the generous support of Motherlove Herbal Company. Continuing on with our series on Booby Traps in the hospital, today I’m writing about the newborn bath, and … Continue reading

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The Latest on Latching

Long before books and the Internet, women were breastfeeding their babies. How on earth did they manage without all the instructions about asymmetrical latch, C-hold, cross cradle and football holds and wide gape?! They managed because back then, breastfeeding was … Continue reading

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