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It’s Not Just About Breastfeeding

This Mother’s Day post is dedicated to the millions of moms who don’t or can’t breastfeed.  I am now one of them since breast cancer took my breasts, at age 37.  It’s for all of the moms who decide not to breastfeed, … Continue reading

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Jenna Elfman, Kelly Rutherford, Alysia Reiner share THEIR mothers’ breastfeeding stories

Our theme for this year’s Mother’s Day is “The Broken Circle of Breastfeeding:  Helping Our Mothers Heal,” inspired by the letters between BfB Co-founder Danielle Rigg and her mother, Jill Berke.  Like many of our mothers, Jill didn’t breastfeed her children, because, … Continue reading

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Rebuilding the Circle: When You Have Your Own Baby, You Really Want Your Mom

This is the fifth post in our special series for Mother’s Day, themed “Rebuilding the Circle.”  We asked Laura Keegan, RN, FNP to create a letter for daughters to give to their mothers that discusses the decision to breastfeed.  Laura … Continue reading

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The Next Generation of Moms: When Breastfeeding Comes Full-Circle

This Mother’s Day is dedicated to our mothers and grandmothers and the world of women who encircle, influence, love and guide us– whether they breastfed us or they didn’t. This is the third post in our Rebuilding the Circle series … Continue reading

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Donate to BfB for FREE!

Donate to Best for Babes…for free? How does that work?! All you have to do is “like” our Facebook page! It really is that easy! Three fabulous companies – Earth Mama Angel Baby, My Brest Friend, & Simple Wishes – … Continue reading

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