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Science You Can Use: “Shoot ’em while you got ’em?” New study raises questions about early Depo-Provera shots and breastfeeding problems.

A hot-off-the-press study is raising questions about the effect of early Depo-Provera contraceptive shots and breastfeeding outcomes. For some time I’ve been hearing that mothers – often low income women of color – are being given Depo-Provera shots very early … Continue reading

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Olympic Medalist Deena Kastor Supports Nursing in Public

Deena Kastor, Olympic Running Medalist, American Record Holder, and new mom to daughter Piper, age 10 months, shares how treating breastfeeding like training for a race is a great game plan for success!  Deena’s steady focus on her goal,  smart … Continue reading

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Yes, You CAN Breastfeed Successfully No Matter How Much Milk You Make

Yesterday, we discussed a somewhat rare condition called Insufficient Glandular Tissue (IGT), in which breasts have inadequate glands (the hardware) needed to make milk.   Click here to read the post and 0ur list of resources.    As breastfeeding advocates, it is extremely … Continue reading

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