Alanis Morissette Ok With Breastfeeding Son Until He’s Six, Shares Nursing Picture

Alanis Morissette announced on Good Morning America today that she will breastfeed her son as long as he wants, even if that is age 5 or 6.   This is the strongest statement yet from the Grammy-award winning singer, who came out in support of attachment parenting in the wake of the controversial TIME cover of Jamie Grumet nursing her 3-year old.

Alanis Morrissette on Good Morning America, nursing her toddler!

We are so thrilled that Ms. Morissette, along with other celebrities who breastfed toddlers,  is helping to dispel the myths about “extended” or better yet, “full-term” breastfeeding.  We applaud ABC for showing a picture of Alanis Morissette nursing her toddler!   Morissette says, ” I don’t even consider it ‘extended’, I just consider it appropriate for that particular child, and that mom and that family”.   Woohoo!  We’ll bet that she’s read what Katherine Dettwyler told USA Today–that it’s quite possible that we are designed to nurse our young until they are 5 or 6.   Morissette also explained that she protects her son’s safety, well-being and attachment, and that “that stage of development is a very important stage.”   She acknowledged that she is a unique position of having the resources to do so, and that not all families do.   Hopefully she will join us in Beating the Booby Traps so that more moms can achieve their breastfeeding goals, whether those are for 2 days, 2 months or 2 years!

Here’s the clip from Good Morning America, filmed at The Pump Station, the awesome breastfeeding boutique in LA.  We applaud ABC for showing pictures of Alanis Morissette breastfeeding!   Do you think there’s any chance of getting Alanis Morissette to gently educate Whoopi Goldberg at The View?


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