Talk Breastfeeding Support with Your Boss in 3 Steps

Written by Danielle Rigg, JD CLC

It’s all over the news, Babe: you’re worth it!  Breastfeeding isn’t just good for the health of mamas and their babes, it’s good for your employer’s bottom line, too.

Here are three tools to break the ice AND show them just how valuable breastfeeding can be for business:

1.  Expecting mamas, are you worried about getting your maternity leave in order?  Make the case for longer leave by pointing out that recent research shows that longer maternity leave is key to breastfeeding success.

2.  Need some facts to back that up? Show them The Business Case for Breastfeeding. This downloadable kit has all the facts and figures you need to make a strong case: breastfeeding is good for business! Breastfeeding moms miss less work (which equals more productivity!), have lower healthcare costs, and are healthier themselves.

3.  And don’t forget The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding. It’s loaded with facts and figures that can be the catalyst to starting a workplace lactation support program, altering your maternity leave, or making sure that the Babes who follow you have the support they need to breastfeed their babies, too.

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