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Celebrities Who Breastfed Toddlers (but not on the cover of TIME)

This is post is made possible by the generous support of Leading Lady. The online world was abuzz yesterday with the release of Time Magazine’s newest cover, featuring the portrait of a young, slender mother breastfeeding her 3-year old. The … Continue reading

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How long did Beyonce Breastfeed?

As soon as I got this week’s issue of People Magazine in my hot little hands, I did two things: 1) looked for Kelly Preston’s picture in “Star Tracks” and a mention of Best for Babes and Healthy Child Healthy … Continue reading

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Kelly Preston and “Extended” Breastfeeding

As someone who didn’t want to breastfeed past six months (and feared embarrassment), I can understand where some of the comments (230+ and counting!) are coming from with regards to Kelly Preston’s news that she is nursing 16-month old Benjamin … Continue reading

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Kelly Preston is Still Breastfeeding 16 month old Benjamin, Finds it “Healing”

“I am still breastfeeding Benjamin and it has been incredibly rewarding and healing.  It gives me so much joy to breastfeed him and I am so grateful that I am able to do it. He loves it too!  Mother’s milk … Continue reading

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Stars Kelly Preston & Miranda Kerr Show Soft Side of Breastfeeding

In an exclusive interview with People Magazine, actress Kelly Preston and husband, actor John Travolta, share their joy over the birth of their new son, Benjamin.   The interview is beautiful and the photo on page 56 is priceless:  little Benjamin is smiling … Continue reading

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