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This is what love looks like.

Money can’t buy love, but sometimes a lot of love can bring in a big chunk of cash. When we entered the Chase Community Giving Facebook Contest we knew our chances of winning were very slim.   After all, there are … Continue reading

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Last revised on 09/09/2010

Actress Kaitlin Olson Has a Sunny Outlook on Birth and Breastfeeding

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, we’re thrilled to bring you an interview with “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” Actress Kaitlin Olson.  TV Guide says Kaitlin is “working an unconventional beauty-meets-bawdy vibe we haven’t seen (or enjoyed so much) since. . … Continue reading

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Best for Babes Debuts Game-Changing Breastfeeding Ad in USA Today

The Best for Babes Foundation is releasing a provocative new breastfeeding ad in a special Pregnancy & Wellness Report to be inserted in USA Today on June 25th in the greater metropolitan areas of Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.  The … Continue reading

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Help Us Get Breastfeeding on Oprah

We have had a vision for a long time of seeing the breastfeeding discussed in a meaningful way on Oprah.   Not sensationalized, “ewww breastmilk cheese” or “kooky mother is still breastfeeding her 8-year old” topics as we have often seen … Continue reading

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