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Poster: “Economic Stimulus Packages”

Get your reproduction of the first in our series of advertisements designed to help give breastfeeding a makeover and beat the breastfeeding Booby Traps! Scroll down to place this item in your shopping cart. (If you are a WIC office or other agency and ARE NOT PERMITTED to order online, please send an email with requesting an invoice to Your email should include the number of sets you are requesting, your office name, address and telephone number, and to whose attention the posters are to be sent. We will email you an invoice and disburse the posters upon receipt of your payment. )

Copy at the bottom of the poster reads: "Breastfeeding boosts your bank account and your baby’s immune system—saving you on hospital visits, doctor’s bills, medicine and missed days of work. It could also save billions on health care costs. Is your hospital, physician, employer and insurer doing their part to help you succeed? Let us help you find out at"

Economic Stimulus Packages Poster

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