Science News

FAST FACTS: Miracle Milk™

By Danielle and Bettina
In the context of thousands of years of human existence, human milk is ordinary like just like blood or eyes are ordinary.   It is only when human milk is absent, however, that it...

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Celeb News

Breast Milk & Beauty Pageants

By admin
Mrs. United States Katie Garza (and the newest Best for Babes Champion for Moms), is using her title to further the human milk cause.  After three premature babies and two unsuccessful...

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Black Friday Breastfeeding Pumping Parenting Deals!

By admin
Are you in a turkey coma and ready to shop from the comfort of your home?  Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone you care about, or perhaps have something in mind that you...

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Booby Traps


The Tragic Loss Behind the NEC Society and the Miracle Milk™ Stroll

By Dianne Cassidy
A little over two years ago, beautiful twin boys, named Micah and Zachary, were born. Unfortunately, Micah and Zachary were born three months prematurely, weighing just over two pounds...

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Insurers Are No Longer Allowed to Deny Coverage for Breastfeeding Mothers!

By Jennie Bever
If you’ve had a baby in the past year or so in the United States, chances are you know that most health insurance plans are now required to provide you with a breastpump free of charge. ...

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Support 360

La Leche League Partners with NEC Society and Best for Babes in the Second Annual Miracle Milk™ Stroll 2015

By Dianne Cassidy
Tomorrow is the 2nd Annual Miracle Milk™ Stroll, and this year we are especially pleased that La Leche League USA is partnering with Best for Babes and the NEC Society to raise...

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