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How long did Beyonce Breastfeed?

As soon as I got this week’s issue of People Magazine in my hot little hands, I did two things: 1) looked for Kelly Preston’s picture in “Star Tracks” and a mention of Best for Babes and Healthy Child Healthy … Continue reading

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Last revised on 04/27/2012

Kelly Preston is Still Breastfeeding 16 month old Benjamin, Finds it “Healing”

“I am still breastfeeding Benjamin and it has been incredibly rewarding and healing.  It gives me so much joy to breastfeed him and I am so grateful that I am able to do it. He loves it too!  Mother’s milk … Continue reading

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Jenna Elfman, Kelly Preston & Laila Ali to Host First Ever Breastfeeding & Toxin-free Living Event, April 14, 2012

Babes, April 14th is a great day for moms and babies!  Actresses Jenna Elfman, Kelly Preston and former boxer Laila Ali, in partnership with non-profits Best for Babes and Healthy Child Healthy World, will host the first-ever celebrity-driven event to … Continue reading

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What’s important to YOU?

We know you care about breastfeeding, and supporting moms.  Would you like us to: Continue providing hip, mainstream, covering-all-the-basics breastfeeding advice, information and resources to expecting and new moms so they meet their personal breastfeeding goals, for example, Just 3 … Continue reading

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This Video is Dedicated to ALL Breastfeeding Supporters, Advocates & Protestors!

Whether you breastfed or not, whether you are a parent or not, increased breastfeeding rates benefit all of us, improving the health of mothers, babies, all of society and the planet. (See: 2011 State of Breastfeeding in the U.S.)   … Continue reading

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The “Boob Cube” comes to the Superbowl!

While Giants-Patriots rivalries reign on the playing field, nursing mothers are likely to pump both sides, instead of taking sides, at the Lactation Station provided for Superbowl guests. Open from January 27th through February 5th, with 24-hour coverage starting today … Continue reading

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Dr. Harvey Karp & Top Pediatricians Back Breastfeeding on Sesame Street

While nearly 30,000 petition signees clearly think that breastfeeding should be shown on Sesame Street as a normal, healthy way to feed babies, it seems that there is still a strong reaction by those who think that breastfeeding images are … Continue reading

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Target Responds

  Copyright Target Nurse-In We reached out to Target last week on Wednesday, December 21st to see if we could work with them so that the nurse-in scheduled for tomorrow, Dec. 28, 2011 would not be necessary.  Nurse-ins require a … Continue reading

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FAQs on Target National Nurse-in, Dec. 28 2011

At last count, nurse-ins have been organized at over 100 Target stores across the country for 10 a.m. local time on Wednesday, December 28th, 2011. For locations and more information, join the closed Facebook group, Target Nurse-In and see the … Continue reading

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Help us Create a Company Policy & Employee Training Toolkit for Target & Other Stores, Restaurants, etc.

Yesterday, we posted about an incidence at a Houston area Target where a mother was humiliated and harassed for breastfeeding in the store, despite Target’s corporate policy, and despite the legal right Texas mothers have to breastfeed in public.   … Continue reading

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