Beating the Booby Traps with NonBooby Bonding Time

Happy Father’s Day!

Wait, this is a blog for breastfeeding moms, right?!

Of course!  But any Babe knows that partner support is so important to getting breastfeeding off to a great start.  In fact, there’s even research to back up what we already knew:  Dads make a difference when it comes to successful breastfeeding!

We’re setting out to honor and celebrate Dads this week and beat a big Booby Trap at the same time!  Many couples are afraid that if mom breastfeeds, dad won’t be able to bond with the baby.  But we know better!

A lot more than feeding goes in to loving, caring for, and bonding with newborns.  They need to be soothed, engaged with, diapered, bathed, and so on.  Dads can do ALL of those things!  Feeding is just one part of the bigger picture.

So, this Father’s Day, we’d like to introduce you to the many methods of achieving NonBooby Bonding!  Dad can be the:

Babywearing Man!

Bath Man!

Baby Soothing Man!

Diaper Changing Man!

A couple of very generous companies have joined Best for Babes as Corporate Friends, too, in order to celebrate Dads!  We’re excited to announce our new Friends and introduce  you to their products – products we know will help Dads bond with their little ones.  The best part?  We’ll be giving away three prize packs between June 20th and 28th on Facebook!

Sweet Knee:  Sweet Knee is a boutique skin care company created to address the need for getting back to nature with the use of certified organic herbs and flowers for young babies and children. Just think of calendula, marshmallow, plantain and chamomile. Yummy. We offer a line of essential products for children including cleansing, moisturizing and diaper care products with simply the best ingredients, and full disclosure on our labels so that you can decide what is best for your baby and your family. We never test our products on animals and purchase fair trade, organic and sustainable ingredients from reputable sources.

ERGObaby Carrier: ERGObaby is a family owned and operated company located on Maui, Hawaii. Since 2003, we have been providing parents with the most thoughtful, highest quality, and most innovative babywearing products and accessories found on the market. It is our mission to educate parents about attachment parenting, babywearing, and related topics, to improve the way our next generations of babies are introduced into the world. We are committed to excellent customer service, including immediate order response and friendly support of product use. We market the ERGObaby LifeStyle globally and have created an efficient team that is dedicated to reliability and serving our customers with integrity and a positive spirit.

In addition to each donating $500 to The Mother of All Causes, these awesome companies have also donated goodies for three prize packs!  Each prize pack will include Sweet Knee’s Petite Baby Bag and an ERGObaby Carrier!

How do you win?  This one’s for the Dads!  We want to see more Dads jumping into the discussion on Facebook and learning amazing facts about breastfeeding that they can use to help their Babes.  So, send Dads our way!

Here’s how to enter: (this step is mandatory!)

1.  Leave a comment on this post including your email address (so we can reach you if you win! Your info won’t be shared or or sold, it’s solely being used for the purposes of this giveaway). In the comment, tell us how you’ve supported your Babes or how you do NonBooby Bonding time.

Bonus entries!

2.  “Like” our page on Facebook. (You must do step 1 to enter; this is just a way to increase your chances of winning.)

3.  Go to our Facebook page and upload your best pics of NonBooby Bonding time!  Share your best pics of Dad giving baby a bath or wearing baby, and you could win!  One photo will will a Sweet Knee and ERGObaby prize pack!  (You must do step 1 to enter; this is just a way to increase your chances of winning.)

Any questions?  Email  The giveaway runs from June 20th-28th, midnight EST.  Winners will be chosen at random from the comments on this blog post (and a bonus winner will be chosen from the NonBooby Bonding Time photos, but will be referenced back to this post for entry verification.)

Many thanks to our awesome sponsors for helping us celebrate and honor dads this Father’s Day!

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