Win $100 in T-Shirt Design Contest for Team Operation Lactation Freedom

Written by Danielle Rigg, JD CLC

Calling all creative Babes – here’s a chance for you to make a difference, create awareness, and help support Team Best For Babes by designing the racing shirt for the new Team Operation Lactation Freedom, started by Purple Heart recipient Keyana Somerset!  The winning designer will receive a $100 Visa gift card from Best for Babes.

Team Best for Babes is the first run/walk program for the breastfeeding cause.  It’s a grab-n-go opportunity — anyone, anywhere, in whatever sport, can join or start a team and Race to Beat the Breastfeeding Booby Traps(R) and Put Prevention First!

Keyana Somerset is an active duty mom of an 8 week-old who is on a mission to help us Beat the Booby Traps™ and let breastfeeding freedom ring for moms and babies.  You can read more about Keyana’s awesome journey as a breastfeeding soldier at  Breastfeeding in Combat Boots, which has partnered with Best for Babes to support Team BFB and this awesome military team!

Keyana Somerset and her daughter

Here’s what Keyana is fighting for:

“We are running to support moms everywhere!!!! Team Operation Lactation Freedom runs to bring awareness of and support for breastfeeding especially for women in uniform and women from low income backgrounds.  Let freedom ring for moms and babies – freedom to make an informed feeding decision, freedom to carry that out without being bullied or booby-trapped, freedom to get the support they deserve to do something so instinctive, healthy and good for everyone!”

Best for Babes will have more from Keyana about how her battle with the Breastfeeding Booby Traps with Baby #1 became her call to action next week– so check back with us!

Breastfeeding in Combat Boots is a proud partner of Team BFB and it’s Team Operation Lactation Freedom!

Team Op Lac Free 😉 has their first race on October 27 at the 10k Broad Street Ramble in Augusta, GA.  If you can’t join them, please donate to help them meet their fundraising goals. . . a $5 or $10 donation will go a long way!  Army Athelete of the Year and world-class marathoner Kelly Calway is providing running & nutrition coaching at the TeamOpLacFree Facebook page . . . check it out!

Now the really fun part:  We think Team Operation Lactation Freedom, including the guys who are running (Special Dad Forces) deserves THEIR OWN specially designed racing t-shirt  . . .  and that is where you come in!

Current Team BFB Racing Shirt

We know that we have some very smart, witty, and downright awesome followers and we want to give you the opportunity to share your spark with everyone else! We are offering a $100.00 Visa gift card to the person who creates the best new Best for Babes racing shirt in support of Team Operation Lactation Freedom.  For reference, here is a link to the current Team BFB racing shirt front and back.


The new design can occupy both sides of a round-neck or v-neck athletic shirt, can require a maximum of a three-color print job, and needs to include these elements:

  • current Team Best for Babes Logo;
  • the name of the team –Team Operation Lactation Freedom -as a design/logo;
  • the words Beating the Breastfeeding Booby Traps(R) and Putting Prevention First!;
  • and for the male version: same shirt with words Special Dad Forces below the Team Operation Lactation Freedom name.

Details for entering:

1. Contest runs from Friday September 21st until Friday September 28th, 2012.

2. All artwork must be submitted in a vector format via email by the deadline to Along with your artwork, please include your name, address, preferred email address, and phone number.

3. Winner will be contacted via email and announced via Facebook and Twitter.

4. The winning design will become the property of BFB with all rights in and to its use flowing to BFB exclusively.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!!


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  1. Sarah says:

    OH! I kept seeing operation lac free and thought it stood for LACTOSE-FREE like milk sensitivities or a vegan cause.

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