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Team We’ve Got Your Back, Babe! FAQ’s

What is the minimum fundraising commitment?

Each individual Team WGYBB member commits to raising $200 per challenge/race in tax-deductible donations that are split between Best for Babes and Breastfeeding USA.  If a family wishes to register together, the fundraising minimum is $300.  Note: A family is no more than 2 adults in the same household and an unlimited number of children under the age of 21.

Are donations to TeamWGYBB  tax-deductible?

Yes. Both Best for Babes and Breastfeeding USA, Inc. are 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations as designated by the Internal Revenue Service. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.  Donors receive an automatically generated letter from the Best for Babes website for their tax records. Donations benefit both Best for Babes and Breastfeeding USA.

Where does the money go and for what?

Your donation will be shared by Breastfeeding USA and Best for Babes –two national nonprofits on a shoestring budget– striving to deliver more evidence-based and nonjudgmental care and support directly into the hands of moms.

On the Breastfeeding USA side:

$20 sponsors the training fee for a Breastfeeding Counselor candidate

$75 funds one copy of the lactation text for loan to a volunteer training to become a Breastfeeding Counselor

$80 purchases one copy of the primary resource text that helps Breastfeeding Counselors provide evidence-based support

$150 provides one month’s professional liability insurance for Breastfeeding Counselors

$250 covers subscription fees for a lactation journal used by the Breastfeeding Resources And Information Department (BRAID) to provide technical assistance to Breastfeeding Counselors

$750 provides start-up funds for ten new Breastfeeding USA Chapters

$1500 funds the annual cost of our website which serves both our Breastfeeding Counselors and the mothers who seek breastfeeding support.

On the BFB side, your donation directly supports our groundbreaking programs, campaigns, and events, aimed at changing the way America views and supports breastfeeding and human milk.

$50 a month pays for the voice mail system for our Nursing-in-Public Harassment Hotline,  which provides moms who have experienced  breastfeeding harassment with a vital resource, documents incidents, coalesces existing efforts, and puts pressure on businesses and societies to change

$100 pays for a presentation to a business or corporation who has been reported to our Hotline and seeks to become more breastfeeding-friendly

$500 a month helps us reach more moms with evidence-based information than any other breastfeeding non-profit through our Campaign to Beat the Booby Traps® which includes our Booby Trap Blog Series, our Science You Can Use column, and our Celebrity Champions for Moms (and Interviews) column. 

$1500 a year pays for our website to remain a Trusted Gateway to Resources, News and Education and a Voice for Moms in the Mainstream Press –for free. 

For more about how Best for Babes is acting as a catalyst to change the 360 degree world around moms and babies click here.

What do I get for participating?

In addition to the satisfaction that comes from knowing you are helping grow the Mother of All Causes and make America more breastfeeding-friendly by supporting Best for Babes and Breastfeeding USA, everyone who raises at least $200 is entitled to a Swag Bag including a specially designed t-shirt, water bottle, and exclusive coupon from our sponsor, Leading Lady.  In addition, everyone who participates and raises funds, regardless of whether they meet their minimum, is eligible to receive Motivational and Milestone Awards such as Heaviest Load Hauled, Most Hilarious Breaststop, and Most Creative Way to Sweat For the Love of Moms and Babies.  You don’t need to have reached your $200 minimum for these prizes.

When are the funds due?

All funds are due no later than October 31, 2013.

What if I don’t raise the prescribed minimum?

We will not hold you accountable for any shortfall.   However, you will not receive the shirt, the Swag Bag, or the unparalleled feeling that you could leap tall buildings in a single bound, knowing that you blazed a new trail on the “run/walk/swim for a cause” highway in the name of breastfeeding.

How do I get my Swag Bag (and cool t-shirt!)?

Please email us @ to let us know that you have met your fundraising goal!  We will get your Swag Bag to either your Team Leader or to you directly if you are registered for the Virtual Team WGYBB.

What if I want to wear my shirt to my personal challenge?

If you want to wear the t-shirt during your event, you need to complete your fundraising goal and give us at least 10 days notice so that we have time to mail it to you or your Team Leader.  So please aim to complete your fundraising goal 10 days ahead of your event.  Please email us @ to let us know you have met your goal, and include the date by which you need your shirt! 

Do I need to be on or start a Team to participate!

No, anyone can join the Virtual Team and participate solo along with others around the country!

What is the role of the Team Leader?

We intend for Team WGYBB to be a fun and fabulous program in an easy format! As a Team Leader, you will help recruit members for your team, manage logistics of team members to get them to and through the fitness challenge — including coordination and distribution of Awards and Swag Bags, apprise them of Team news and upcoming awards, and keep them motivated and on track to reach their fundraising and fitness goals.

How does the Team Leader select a fitness challenge?

As a Team Leader, your first job is to select the fitness challenge for your team. The type of challenge is up to you, but be sure to choose an event or events you think will resonate with your community and engender support.  We’ve included some fun examples below.  If you choose an organized event – run/walk, ride, etc. we encourage you to get in touch with the Race Directors to see whether they are willing to reserve a block of entries at a reduced rate since we are a charitable team.  Any questions?  Contact us @, and we’ll be glad to help you.

Do I have to organize any “training” with my team?

Only if you want to!

How do I set up a Team WGYBB?

Contact us @ and let us know you want to start one in your area.  We’ll discuss appropriate names based on your location, create the Team on the BFB website, and then email you your login info and team URL.


Cut and paste this meme onto your Team or Personal Page!

Can I customize my Team page?

Yes, you may, but we will start you off with some language that will ensure that the message reflects this event and is in keeping with BFB’s and Breasstfeeding USA’s shared credo of nonjudgmental, positive and evidence-based support for ALL moms whatever they decide about infant feeding.  You may not remove either the Team WGYBB image, or the Leading Lady logo or paragraph referring to their donation.  Please clear any modifications with us @

Can I customize my personal page?

Absolutely! See below for some great ideas and feel free to grab the meme/image on this page to add to yours!

Where can I go to get more information about upcoming Awards, other teams’ challenges, and heaps of inspiration from other Team Leaders and members?

Ask your Team Leader or head over to!

What are some ideas for fitness activities?

Use this challenge as an opportunity to cross one off your bucket list – do your 1st 5k!,  have fun with friends — on your first trail bike ride!, or jump start a fitness habit –i.e., commit to practicing yoga 3x a week until August 31!  Any sport or fit activity will do! We suggested a walk, bike, golf, run, or swim, but there’s also bowling, sailing,Tae Kwon Do, rollerblading, whatever!  Click here for some other fun family activities.

Do you have any sample language and tips for fundraising from my personal page?

Yes! Here are some guidelines:

1. Get personal: Why do you want to sweat for moms and babies? On your profile page and in emails share why the mission of Team WGYBB of creating a more breastfeeding-friendly world around moms and babies speaks to you!  Were you and your baby or a mom and baby you know sabotaged, humiliated, given sub-optimal care and advice?

2. State your Call to Action: Ex:  “I am running with Team WGYBB because I don’t want to see more mothers go through what I went through trying to breastfeed.” Your story is set in the bigger picture of millions of moms each year who set out to breastfeed and who have an unnecessarily difficult experience, most of whom give up before they reach their goals and are robbed of an incomparable enriching experience and of the lifelong health benefits it confers on them and their babies and IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT.  Team WGYBB is an opportunity to stand up for your own, or another mom’s and baby’s right to have good care, advice and 360 degree support for breastfeeding – the foundation of human health.  Say it if you feel it!

3. Share your fundraising and training goals: Sharing how you’re faring keeps people close to you and engaged.  Ex: “This is my first race since I had my baby six months ago and it’s my get-back-in-shape and give back debut! By cheering for me, you’re cheering on all moms and babies!  My goal is to follow a three-month training program which will have me running my 5k by September! My fundraising goal is also to raise $200 to help bring down the barriers to breastfeeding that prevent so many moms from succeeding. Donating to the Mother of All Causes will in turn help many causes focused on fighting for cures for other diseases because breastfeeding provides at least some protection for both mothers and babies for almost every major epidemic we face today!” See this fantastic example of how to ask!

Meme for covers

Grab this meme and set as your personal FB page cover!

4. Post status updates on Social Media–Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  to let people know how you’re doing.  And be sure to add your personal page URL.

5. Consider jump starting giving by making an $18 donation to yourself on your personal page — why $18?  Because it’s good luck!

6. Thank your donors with a gracious note!