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Science You Can Use: How many babies start solids before 4 months, and why? The CDC told us this week.

“My pediatrician told me at our 4 month appointment, ‘if you don’t start her on solids before 6 months, she’ll never learn how to eat!’” “Upon recommendations from WIC and my doctor I tried giving her baby food at four … Continue reading

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Six-year-old Persuades Principal, School to Join Nestle Boycott

We have boycotted Nestle for years, but wasn’t until this year that my 6 year-old son really paid much attention.  The day after listening to my husband and I passionately discuss our displeasure at the Pan American Health Office of … Continue reading

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Science You Can Use: “Shoot ‘em while you got ‘em?” New study raises questions about early Depo-Provera shots and breastfeeding problems.

A hot-off-the-press study is raising questions about the effect of early Depo-Provera contraceptive shots and breastfeeding outcomes. For some time I’ve been hearing that mothers – often low income women of color – are being given Depo-Provera shots very early … Continue reading

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Booby Traps Series: Why the newborn bath should wait

This is the 32nd in a series on the Booby Traps, made possible by the generous support of Motherlove Herbal Company. Continuing on with our series on Booby Traps in the hospital, today I’m writing about the newborn bath, and … Continue reading

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What is the WHO-CODE?

The primary purpose of the “WHO-CODE” is to protect mothers and babies from the highly effective, aggressive and predatory marketing of substitutes for breastfeeding (i.e. infant formula, bottles, artificial nipples) at the most vulnerable period of their lives, the birth … Continue reading

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