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Science You Can Use: Anxious after baby? New study says anxiety is common and associated with shorter breastfeeding duration.

Did you struggle with postpartum anxiety?  Were you assessed for postpartum depression and wonder why your anxiety was overlooked?  And did anxiety affect your breastfeeding relationship? You might be interested in a new study published in Pediatrics that has shown … Continue reading

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Science You Can Use: Did you protect your baby against depression in adulthood by breastfeeding? If so, how?

This week the media reported on a study published earlier this year suggesting an association between breastfeeding and lowered risk of depression among children in adulthood. It was a small, retrospective study comparing the infant feeding histories of adults being … Continue reading

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World Class Cyclist Breastfeeds to Heal Abuse, Depression

Willow Rockwell is a world champion cross-country mountain biker who was perched for Olympic success.  She gave it all up in 2011 when the birth of her daughter, Raven, tugged hard at a string that unwound a lifetime of emotional struggle … Continue reading

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Science You Can Use: How much DHA do nursing moms need?

Some of you may have heard about a recent meta-analysis published in Pediatrics which found that formula supplemented with long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (such as DHA) did not have a measurable effect on infants’ cognitive development. This is consistent with … Continue reading

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