Swine flu: Breastfeeding Provides Protection

by Bettina Forbes, CLC | May 5, 2009 8:10 am

The CDC issued guidelines for moms who are breastfeeding, or considering breastfeeding, and are concerned about the swine flu (H1N1 flu).   The swine flu is a particularly nasty strain of flu that is spreading from person-to-person just like the regular flu.   I might add that this information is helpful too, for any mom who is feeding formula but has access to screened, pasteurized donor milk from a human milk bank.  I thought these guidelines were excellent, and show just how critical breastfeeding is!

Here is a summary, beyond the already widespread urging to wash hands and not cough or sneeze on anybody, including your baby.   (If you are ill, or coughing and sneezing, you may want to see a doctor to be tested for the flu and consider wearing a mask.)

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