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BFB Guide to Legislative Change

Nice work, Babe! Taking the reins on legislative change is a big step, but a very important one. The laws we have now are all thanks to individuals who took the time to help mothers across the board by protecting … Continue reading

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Last revised on 06/09/2012

Example of Proposed Legislative Changes

If you’re looking to try to help pass new legislation in your state, then we applaud you! The laws we already have in place are there because someone put their foot down and said, “Hey, moms deserve these rights!” If … Continue reading

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Media Talking Points for Moms

If approached by the media during a nurse-in, or in any situation about breastfeeding, there are some things you’re going to want to make sure you say, as well as some things you’d be better off skipping. Plan Ahead! Choose … Continue reading

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Last revised on 06/08/2012

What Exactly is a Nurse-In?

So what is a Nurse-In anyway?  A Nurse-In is a protest where a nursing in public or a workplace pumping incident occurred, where all hopes of an apology or policy change has been exhausted, and ample time for a response has … Continue reading

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What to Do if You Have a Workplace Pumping Issues With Your Employer

Having the proper support as you return to work and continue to provide breastmilk for your child is key to success. We salute all moms who are balancing a career with breastfeeding and want to cheer you on! Hopefully you … Continue reading

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Last revised on 06/06/2012

All Babes Should Know Breastfeeding Laws

Being a breastfeeding Babe has its many perks, but sometimes you may face some folks who don’t appreciate what you do, but may even try to stop you from doing it. We encourage all Babes to know the Federal Breastfeeding … Continue reading

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Last revised on 05/24/2012

Idaho Women Pressure Legislators to Enact Laws to Protect Breastfeeding Moms

A dedicated group of moms are seeking legislative change for the state of Idaho which will provide breastfeeding protection backed with enforcement provisions. The Idaho Breastfeeding Law Coalition has banded together, using a Facebook Group as a hub, to make … Continue reading

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Last revised on 05/15/2012

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Ruling Is A Win For Breastfeeding Moms

The latest progress concerning breastfeeding legislation comes from Massachusetts, where breastfeeding mom Sophie Currier sued the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) after being denied additional break time to pump during the nine-hour long exam. From the time the case … Continue reading

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Last revised on 04/24/2012

Breaking News: Georgia Moms Making Headway with Breastfeeding Protection Bill!

The proposed Breastfeeding Protection Act by the Georgia State-wide nurse-in group officially now has a bill number, a sponsor and several co-sponsors!   Woohoo!  What is great is that this proposed bill makes it clear that breastfeeding is not indecent, … Continue reading

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Georgia Moms Plan “Surprise” for Legislators, Demand Breastfeeding Law Enforcement

Hundreds of moms across the state of Georgia and around the U.S. have rallied around Nirvana Harley Jennette, a Georgia mom of 4, who began organizing the statewide Georgia Nurse-In after being told by her pastor that nursing her baby … Continue reading

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