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Help us Create a Company Policy & Employee Training Toolkit for Target & Other Stores, Restaurants, etc.

Yesterday, we posted about an incidence at a Houston area Target where a mother was humiliated and harassed for breastfeeding in the store, despite Target’s corporate policy, and despite the legal right Texas mothers have to breastfeed in public.   … Continue reading

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Last revised on 12/15/2011

Top 5 Tips for Working and Breastfeeding

While the U.S. still has a long way to go to make employment breastfeeding-friendly for all babes, there has been some great progress recently, and more women are getting into the working and pumping groove.  Who knows, some day soon, the water cooler may be … Continue reading

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Working Moms: Top Tips for Success

Babe, if you plan to bring home the bacon, we have good news for you!   We’ve got the latest information and best resources–check out this Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding and Going Back to Work! While the U.S. still has a long way to … Continue reading

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5 Things Breastfeeding Moms Don’t Really Need

If you’ve walked into the baby gear section of store, you already know there is a lot to choose from. So many things that promise you will need them, so many that swear that they will make your life so … Continue reading

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It’s Not a “Nanny State,” It’s a Booby Trap Nation!

By now, you’ve probably heard Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann’s inaccurate and inflammatory quote about the IRS ruling reversal that allows breast pumps and pump supplies tax-sheltered status: “I’ve given birth to five babies and I breast-fed every single one,” Bachmann … Continue reading

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A Hug from the US Surgeon General for YOU

Moms, we are back from the US Surgeon’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding and the US Breastfeeding Committee meetings and we come bearing a gift for ALL of you — a HUG from the US Surgeon General herself!  That’s … Continue reading

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The 12 Breastfeeding Days of Christmas

Sing it to your hospital, doctor, employer and store!  Sing it at the mall, they’ll ask for more!  Sing it far and sing it loud, sing it to the squeamish crowd.  Sing it at your breastfeeding meeting, sing it as a friendly … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding Weekly Wrap-Up: May 3-9, 2010

By Elita of for the Best for Babes Foundation ©2010 Babes, were you absolutely tickled with how RIGHT the mainstream media got it this week when it came to co-sleeping and breastfeeding? A Fox News affiliate in Milkwaukee, WI … Continue reading

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AAP, ACOG, AAFP, WIC & Others Ask Congress for $15 Million #Breastfeeding Budget

This is truly momentous.     A joint letter signed by 90 esteemed national and state organizations was sent to Congress today, asking for $15 million per year in line-item funding to promote breastfeeding and protect and support breastfeeding mothers.   The United States has lower … Continue reading

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Needed: More Breastfeeding Support Groups for Working Moms

A couple of months ago I had a conversation with a mom on Twitter who had struggled with breastfeeding, and had been unable to find a support group either within or outside of her place of employment that accomodated working mothers.  … Continue reading

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