Men and Cows…Making Human Breast Milk?

No, these stories aren’t from The Onion…they’re the real deal!

We think "human" milk from cows is suspicious, too!

1.  Genetically modified cows in China are purportedly producing human breastmilk. Sales plans project that it’ll be available in stores in three years. But just how close to human milk is it? As Miriam Labbok says, “In fact, this milk has only a few of the hundreds of factors found in human milk, and the cows themselves do not do well.”


2.  A man took on the project of inducing lactation….in himself. He wanted to know if men can breastfeed. He had no baby to nurse, though, and didn’t find any success.  He’s not the first man to try his hand at breastfeeding, either.


Brought to you by Hadley Stilwell & A Mother’s Boutique!

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