Favorite Celebrity Breastfeeders 2008

Written by Bettina Forbes, CLC

The fabulous Motherwear Blog has posted a roundup of the top truly inspirational breastfeeding celebrities in 2008.   Kelly’s list starts with Angelina Jolie for raising the bar with the gorgeous W magazine cover, and moves on to down-to-earth, “I’ll lose the weight soon enough, now I’m focused on breastfeeding and doing the best for my baby” moms Melissa Joan Hart and Minnie Driver.   Best for Babes is thrilled that the Motherwear post included our exclusive interview with Gabrielle Reece, superstar athelete, model, fitness guru and now host of “The Honey Line“!   Read the complete post here to see what the Motherwear blog has to say about Christina Aguilera, Kelly Rutherford, Salma Hayek, Nicole Richie and Gwen Stefani.

One celebrity we’d like to see included in the list is Jessica Alba, who got a lot of attention in January 2008 when she confessed that she was more “paranoid” about breastfeeding than she was about childbirth.   She went on to appear on the cover of Fit Pregnancy in June shortly before giving birth to Honor Marie, and credited breastfeeding to being able to lose her baby weight.   There’s some scuttlebutt that she didn’t stick with it for very long, but the point is, she tried it, which for moms that are squeamish is a big deal!   We think it’s great that she was honest about her misgivings, and great that she gave it a whirl–some 30% of new moms don’t try to breastfeed at all–not even once!–so we say that women who are on the fence need role models too.   And let’s not forget that of the 70% of women that try to breastfeed, most throw in the towel in the first few weeks, despite their best intentions.  (And that’s another story!)  The fact is, that all moms, even Jessica Alba, are being routinely undermined and discriminated against in their breastfeeding efforts.    They need our support and understanding, not judgement.  

None of us would be able to report on all the celebrities breastfeeding without the leadership of Danielle Friedland, founder of the Celebrity Baby Blog (CBB).   CBB was recently bought by People magazine and gets some 10 million page visits per month (!), making it a powerful advocate for breastfeeding moms.   To find breastfeeding celebs on CBB, scroll down to the category archives in the extreme bottom right corner of the home page.

Do you have a favorite breastfeeding celebrity, past or present?

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One Response to Favorite Celebrity Breastfeeders 2008

  1. Jennifer Garner is my favorite breastfeeder. She was photographed schlepping a Medela pump when she was shooting The Kingdom back when her first child Violet was a babe in arms. Moms who pump are my heroes! I only pumped occasionally and hated it.

    There’s no doubt she’ll breastfeed her second baby, who is due in January.

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