Celebrity Breastfeeding Photos: Nursing in Public!

A while back we did a post on famous magazine covers and photos of celebrities breastfeeding.   One of the commenters pointed out that it would be great if there were more pictures of celebrities nursing in public . . . magazine covers are great but if expecting moms saw more celebs breastfeeding in their every day lives, it would go a long way towards normalizing breastfeeding in our culture.   We agree!  Fear of nursing in public, and shaming, harassing or humiliating nursing mothers is a HUGE boobytrap in the United States.  

Angela White, of the now defunct Breastfeeding 1-2-3, did a great post earlier this year with a beautiful gallery of celebrities breastfeeding in public or standing up for nursing moms.   We want to build on this gallery and make a “home” for all the pictures that crop up in the media of celebrities breastfeeding.   Sure, we all need to see more everyday moms nursing confidently in public, but we also know of more than one mom, husband, grandmother or friend who has changed their mind after seeing that a celebrity breastfed in public or spoke openly about nursing.  Kourtney Kardashian is already blazing a trail with her open comments about breastfeeding and was seen pumping breastmilk on her TV show (warning–R rated for the language, and sexual suggestion, NOT for the image of a mother pumping, IMO).

Art by Erika Hastings at http://mudspice.wordpress.com/As for everydaymoms, check out the awesome slideshow gallery created by Nursingfreedom.org to celebrate us everyday mamas and the beauty of giving our babies the breast and the best!  A brand new organization, Nursingfreedom.org is running a fabulous carnival for nursing in public  this week, we’ve been spreading the word and think they are doing a fantastic job.

Send us your links to pictures of your favorite celebrity moms breastfeeding in public, and we’ll make a permanent place for these pictures so more moms can find them and be inspired.   We will be doing more celebrity interviews and will be using our influence to encourage celebrities that we speak with to nurse in public, and we’ll be using our influence with the media to persuade more mainstream “coverage” (pun intended) of celebrities nursing in public . . . and will be adding those photos to a similar gallery.   We know that moms need to see their peers nursing in public, but celebrities have a huge impact too.  After all, if photos of Paris Hilton can spark a craze for carrying around dogs in purses, then surely a few more snaps of celebrities nursing can change the public’s attitude towards breastfeeding!

Photos of Celebrities Nursing in Public


Julie Bowen Breastfeeds her twins, as seen on Lopez Tonight, courtesy of Huffington Post





Carrie Anne Moss in Star! Magazine

Katie Holmes famously reveals that the flap is down on her nursing bra or tank while out with Tom Cruise, courtesy Justjared.com

Gwen Stefani breastfeeding Kingston, image INFdaily.com

UK actress Billie Piper breastfeeding at Miami Beach, courtesy of INFDaily.com , I just had to put this one in because of all the furor recently over moms nursing at pools!

Maggie Gyllenhaal, image justjared.buzznet.com Tea Leoni breastfeeding, Image Fame pictures

 Our goal is to put together a complete gallery of celebrities breastfeeding in public, or showing their support for breastfeeding!   And yes we’ll ask our awesome web guy, www.JoeDolson.com to help us make a pretty slide show.  Please send us links to pics with credits for any we’ve missed.  


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