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Worst Walmart Nursing Harassment Incident Ever! Attend Jacksonville Nurse-in TODAY 2:00 pm

When a Walmart employee forces a covered, nursing mother to move from the bathroom to a toilet stall, we know America has hit a new low in nursing harassment. Exactly that happened on Friday July 25th in Jacksonville, North Carolina when … Continue reading

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July 4th: Baseball, Barbecue, Breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding should be as American as apple pie, but it’s not . . . yet. There’s been great progress over the last few years, but it’s not enough. While the issue of nursing in public dominates media coverage, too many … Continue reading

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We Support Formula-Feeding Moms AND We Fight Formula Marketing

Yes, it IS possible to support formula-feeding moms AND fight formula marketing.  It’s important to distinguish the existence or use of formula from the way it’s marketed. We support formula feeding moms because not all moms are physically able to breastfeed … Continue reading

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FAST FACTS: Miracle Milk™

In the context of thousands of years of human existence, human milk is ordinary like just like blood or eyes are ordinary.   It is only when human milk is absent, however, that it dawns on us just how truly extra-ordinary human milk is. … Continue reading

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NFL’s Justin Forsett Supports Breastfeeding Cause, Will Attend Miracle Milk™ Stroll 5/10 in Baltimore

Justin Forsett, Best for Babes’  first NFL Celebrity Champion for Moms, will attend the Miracle Milk™ Stroll in Baltimore on May 10!  We are thrilled to bring the power of dads and pro football to bear on the societal Booby Traps® that prevent … Continue reading

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Press Release–1st Nationwide Miracle Milk™ Mother’s Day Stroll

For Immediate Release:  Best for Babes® launches 1st Nationwide Miracle Milk™ Mother’s Day Stroll to Save Lives.  April 14, 2014. The Best for Babes® Foundation announces another first for healthier moms and babies — the 1st Nationwide Miracle Milk™ Mother’s Day Stroll.  On Saturday … Continue reading

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Actress Jenna Elfman Joins Best for Babes Advisory Board

The Best for Babes®  Foundation is thrilled to to announce that actress Jenna Elfman, star of NBC’s new comedy, Growing Up Fisher, has agreed to join their Advisory Board.  As a mother who struggled with breastfeeding and ultimately succeeded, Ms. Elfman … Continue reading

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From Booby Trapped to a Tongue Tie Pioneer: An Interview with Dr. Evelyn Jain

We’re very pleased to share an interview with Dr. Evelyn Jain, a renowned family physician best known for her work on the management of tongue tie for breastfeeding babies.   Dr. Jain is a Family Physician, Clinical Assistant Professor in the … Continue reading

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Booby Traps Series: 40 years on, why is breastfeeding in public still a problem?

A few years ago, while staffing a hospital breastfeeding warm line, I spoke on the phone with a nursing mom who had called to ask for advice on weaning. She was young (maybe 18) and Latina, and from the start … Continue reading

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Booby Traps Series: Direct-to-mom formula marketing, or “How did all that formula end up on my doorstep?”

Did you wake one morning to find a case of formula you never ordered on your doorstep? Here’s one way it may have ended up there. For years formula companies have relied on hospitals to promote their products through “gift … Continue reading

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