Breastfeeding Support: A New Game inTown

Two of the “booby traps” mothers face after birth are conflicting breastfeeding information and a lack of support from someone they can trust. Well, now there’s a new game in town.

Enter Breastfeeding USA, a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide free, evidence-based help and support through its national network of volunteer, accredited, Breastfeeding Counselors. I joined its Board of Directors last October because I know from my many years in breastfeeding that with the right support, more mothers meet their personal breastfeeding goals.

What sets Breastfeeding USA apart?  Its Breastfeeding Counselors are well-trained in evidence-based, best breastfeeding practices through its online centralized education program, and they are required to stay up to date. Their focus is on helping families make informed choices, no matter what their circumstances.  The training emphasizes effective, consistent compassionate counseling skills, and there is no breastfeeding or parenting agenda to promote. Breastfeeding USA is a place where you can find help without judgment in an environment that respects individual differences. Counselors are there to support you, no matter what your choices.

Where can you find Breastfeeding USA Counselors? Although Breastfeeding USA is currently active in only 20 states, it is the fastest growing breastfeeding organization in America. (It launched a mere 18 months ago.) If it succeeds in reaching its goal, it will be active in all 50 states by this time next year.

If you don’t like waiting—like me—and you want to help Breastfeeding USA expand its services to more mothers more quickly, visit the fundraiser on, which ends on August 16.  U.S. donors can receive many cool perks, such as autographed books, hands-free pumping bras, professional breast pumps and much more. Contributions will go toward upgrading the website and growing its national network of Breastfeeding Counselors.  As more mothers access free breastfeeding help and support, we will be well on our way to eliminating some of those pesky booby traps.

Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA is the co-author of actress Jenna Elfman’s favorite breastfeeding book, Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers.

Best for Babes believes that mothers should have a choice of excellent mother-to-mother support groups that can help them meet their personal breastfeeding goals. 

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