Booby Traps™ Series: Podcast interview on Booby Traps in pregnancy

Written by Tanya Lieberman, IBCLC

As part of our series on Booby Traps™ in pregnancy, here’s a wonderful podcast interview with Danielle Rigg, co-founder of Best for Babes.

We talked about things you should and shouldn’t experience at your prenatal visits, how to find a breastfeeding-friendly provider, and the great resources Best for Babes has to help you beat the Booby Traps in pregnancy.  You’ll find lots of posts on this topic in the Booby Traps section of our blog.

You can listen to it with the podcast player below (look below “You Might Like”), listen to it with Quicktime, or download it for free at our Best for Babes iTunes store (coming soon)!

You’ll find our first podcast, an introduction to Best for Babes, here!

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