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The BfB blog is a hoppin’ place lately!

We’ve had guest posts-galore, new volunteers writing (thank you!), and some great celeb interviews lately.

We’ve also had to moderate some comments.  We’d like to share with you why we’ve moderated in the past. We’ve also put in place some guidelines that we can all follow going forward.

Your comments here are fabulous, Babes! We are continually floored by the emotions and stories you’re willing to share; by the support you’ve offered one another; and by the Booby Traps you’ve all beaten.  This is one amazing group of women!

Sometimes, though, it’s too easy to be a little more harsh via the keyboard than we’d be in-person.  There’s a certain amount of of humanity lost through the screen and that’s evident in some of the comments we’ve had to moderate.

We LOVE a good discussion. We WANT to see awesome discourse and a variety of opinions here. Our site would be less without that!

What we don’t want to see, are comments that go from disagreeing with the author of the post, to calling that author names.  Please keep in mind that the majority of our writers are volunteers.  They’re sharing their time and talents with us out of the goodness of their hearts (something for which we are so grateful!).  So when their posts get comments that go beyond disagreeing on the content, to insulting them…it’s truly hurtful to them.

Civil, respectful discourse is always welcome here.  Name calling and generally insulting, disrespectful comments are absolutely not.  In short, if comments move from civil discourse to rude or insulting, they won’t appear on our site.

The Best for Babes Foundation blog comment policy:

1. We love hearing what you have to say! Please do leave comments. =)

2. The “Living Room” rule: Let’s pretend that we’re all sitting in person, chatting away in BfB’s living room. If you’re leaving a comment here that you’d be unlikely to speak aloud to someone in-person, it’s probably going to be deleted. (Example: You might say, “I really disagree with X, because…”; we’d certainly welcome that! But you’d be unlikely to say to someone, “I really disagree with X, you’re an awful writer, and this blog post is crap!”; that would be deleted.)

3. Comments with links are moderated. Relevant links are welcome, but comments with links that are exclusively for self-promotion, spam links, and irrelevant links will be deleted. Signature links are welcome, assuming the comment in which they are included is relevant and adds to the conversation.

4. Self-evident, but we’ll say it anyway: Comments that are spammy will be deleted. That happens automatically most of the time, but if any slip through, they’ll be manually deleted.

The “Living Room Rule” is the big one. Comment here like you’re carrying on a conversation with the post author, with the celeb we interviewed, or with the other commenters, and we’re golden.

We love hearing from you and what you have to say is every bit as important as what we have to say. We just need to make sure that we’re being kind and respectful of one another along the way.

Thank you, Babes, for making this space such a wonderful place for ALL moms!


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