Babeworthy: The Breastfeeding Baby Doll!

The Breastfeeding Baby Doll had garnered opinions from just about everyone at this point. It’s made national news, in fact! Check out a few recent posts about it and then tell us what you think:

Mom blogger Jessica Gottlieb debated the doll in a TV segment with Dr. Keith Ablow. The issue of whether or not this doll sexualizes breastfeeding and/or little girls came up (par for the course in discussions of this doll). That clip ended up on The Daily Show! See the clip: (skip to 3:40 for the relevant bit)


And thanks to Mom-101, we learned that it’s a gateway babydoll!

Let your kid have a Breast Milk Doll and the next thing you know, she’ll want a co-sleeping doll. Can you imagine? A doll that is made for you to sleep with it! The downfall of independence in our country! The end of democracy as we know it!


It’s great to see a doll come out that doesn’t come packaged with a bottle (as though that’s the only way to feed a baby!).  Most moms would probably say that their kids have pretended to breastfeed everything from stuffed animals to toy trucks, though, so maybe we don’t need a special doll for this purpose.

So, Babes: Is the breastmilk baby doll a boon or bane to breastfeeding? You tell us!

This Babeworthy post was brought to you by Simple Wishes!

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