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Valentine’s Day: Breastfeeding “Push Gift” Giveaway & Discount!

Babes, let’s face it, the “push” is just the beginning . . . the other labor of love comes in the days and weeks after delivery, when you and your babe become a nursing team.  The time has come to … Continue reading

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Olympic Medalist Deena Kastor Supports Nursing in Public

Deena Kastor, Olympic Running Medalist, American Record Holder, and new mom to daughter Piper, age 10 months, shares how treating breastfeeding like training for a race is a great game plan for success!  Deena’s steady focus on her goal,  smart … Continue reading

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Prevention is the New Pink

This post originally appeared in October 2011.  It’s now the 9th Anniversary of my battle with bilateral breast cancer at age 37.  I won that battle.  But the war for PREVENTION rages on. The rate of new breast cancer cases in … Continue reading

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Team Best for Babes® Colorado hits the ground running to Beat the Booby Traps™ and put prevention first!

Miracles do happen.  And dreams too.  It has always been one of ours at Best for Babes® to be the Foundation for the FOUNDATION of human health, and like other Causes, to harness the power of affected individuals to fight … Continue reading

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Babeworthy: The Breastfeeding Baby Doll!

The Breastfeeding Baby Doll had garnered opinions from just about everyone at this point. It’s made national news, in fact! Check out a few recent posts about it and then tell us what you think: Mom blogger Jessica Gottlieb debated … Continue reading

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WBW 2011: a Buck a Boob!

This World Breastfeeding Week, we’re focused on you, Babe. We’re thinking of the Babes who’ve fallen to the Booby Traps and the ones who don’t have to in the future. We’re thinking of Babes who are breastfeeding right now, who … Continue reading

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ILCA 2011: Babes on the Ground, Beating the Booby Traps!

We are so sorry we couldn’t be at the ILCA conference this year due to conflicting schedules, but we are STILL on a high from the enthusiastic response to our presentation last year on “Why Breastfeeding Needs a Makeover”! We … Continue reading

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Blog Comment Policy

The BfB blog is a hoppin’ place lately! We’ve had guest posts-galore, new volunteers writing (thank you!), and some great celeb interviews lately. We’ve also had to moderate some comments.  We’d like to share with you why we’ve moderated in … Continue reading

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Dr. Wendy Walsh on Breastfeeding Critics

I’m going to begin this blog with the best possible news in the world. I nursed for a total of six years (three years with each kid) and I received far more positive, encouraging words from strangers and intimates alike, … Continue reading

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Men and Cows…Making Human Breast Milk?

No, these stories aren’t from The Onion…they’re the real deal! 1.  Genetically modified cows in China are purportedly producing human breastmilk. Sales plans project that it’ll be available in stores in three years. But just how close to human milk is … Continue reading

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